The Matter Chop Hot! Chaskele out with a new sequel


By El-Amisty Nobo


Promising media personality and one of the finest sports commentators Ghana has ever produced – Jefferies Kwabena Sintim-Koree, otherwise known as ‘Chaskele’ is out with a new sequel ‘The Matter Chop Hot!

 The sequel, a comic relief piece sequaciously produced features two great friends; Isaac Asempah as Escoba and  Jefferies Kwabena Sintim-Koree as Kintana.Del Report

With it debatable delinquencies The Matter Chop Hot reveals some of the follies in our society.

The pair [Kintana and Escoba] tries to outwit each other from one episode to the other whiles leaving the burden of judgement on viewers to make their own conclusion on which party is right amongst the two characters.

The Matter Chop Hot can be accessed via the following social media platforms:

YouTube – Television CK

Instagram – Television_CK

Facebook – Television CK

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