THE GRAND GELINAZ! SHUFFLE presents DomoSophism (The Stay-in Tour)

Tuesday, December the 3rd 2019 will see the return of the inimitable, culinary, international dining experience from the team at GELINAZ!. Once again, the collaboration is global, and this third year is more ambitious than ever.


148 of the world’s greatest and cutting-edge chefs from 

138 restaurants in

38 countries

700 hours of simultaneous cooking

2,200 recipes


Following the success of the inaugural SHUFFLE in 2015 – an unprecedented feat where 37 chefs from across the globe swap restaurants, homes and personal lives for four days – this year’s challenge, DomoSophism is all about staying put. In a world of environmental consciousness, GELINAZ! SHUFFLE 2019 stays at home.

Chef Selassie Atadika of Midunu in Accra, Ghana

GELINAZ! continues to push culinary boundaries: sharpening the chefs’ creativity, broadening cultural horizons and breaking down geographic borders.

Midunu Institute in Accra, Ghana

This year only the recipes travel. Picked at random by ballot, each restaurant will be partnered with another anonymous participating restaurant, sharing recipes across the globe. In true GELINAZ! spirit, no one (not chefs, front of house staff, nor guests) will know the name of their partnered restaurant or chef until dinner is served when GELINAZ! will inform with a grand reveal.


GELINAZ! HQ has supplied each restaurant with its anonymously matched establishment’s list of ingredients and recipes. From these recipes, the restaurants will create their own interpretation of their mysterious partner restaurant.


The jeopardy comes from the anonymity of the recipes, as no one will know whose food they are creating. Those recipes, therefore, will be culturally remixed to create new, spontaneously rethought and totally remodelled dishes. This year’s event is a culinary experimental playground, resulting in a unique set of dinners that will never be repeated again.

Groundnut Soup

The public is invited to buy tickets for a specific restaurant, but like the host chef, will be kept in the dark about which of the other 138 restaurants’ recipes have made their menus. This will only be revealed when the guests have actually taken their seats for the evening.



Curated by Andrea Petrini, Patricia Meunier & Matt Gallet, THE GRAND GELINAZ! SHUFFLE DomoSophism is the latest in a series of projects devised by the maverick team. GELINAZ!  ideas and collaborations are turning the world’s culinary expectations upside down.


Petrini emphasises: “The SHUFFLE is growing as we absorb a new generation of the world’s most extraordinary culinary talent into the GELINAZ! collective. This year we are pushing the boundaries of creative possibilities even further, as each set of bespoke recipes are remastered to provide an element of surprise for chefs and diners alike. GELINAZ! dining becomes an experience more than just eating.”


The chefs participating in 2019’s GELINAZ! SHUFFLE DomoSophism are:



By keeping chefs within the comfort of their native kitchens and cultures and presenting them with new sets of recipes to research and rethink, this year’s SHUFFLE is set to spawn an unprecedented spectrum of creations devised from the most legendary names within our gastronomic world. THE GELINAZ! SHUFFLE DomoSophism continues the celebration at the very core of the hospitality industry: sharing knowledge, exposure to new ingredients and learning new practice – creativity without fear.



  • The dinner will be held for one evening only on December 3rd, 2019 in 138 restaurants throughout the world.
  • Each chef has willingly participated in a global lottery and will be informed of their collaborating chef and nationality on the evening of the dinner.
  • The event is not exclusive and open to the general public. Reservations are now open online and available to purchase on WWW.GELINAZ.COM
  • Chefs will receive their menus 1 month in advance to enable research and adapt to the host restaurant’s season, climate and hemisphere.
  • Every participating chef will then have their menus remastered and prepared in different kitchens and on different continents in the host chef’s restaurant.


For further information regarding The GELINAZ! SHUFFLE DomoSophism, for images and contacts, please direct all initial enquiries to the following communications.


Lotus has offices in London and Melbourne and aims to return with a quick response in respect of international time zones.

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