eSports Market will have Generated $150 Billion Revenues in 2019-VanEck


In a recent interview for, Martijn Rozemuller, Managing Director at VanEck, Head of Europe, said that eSports is the sport of the digital generation and that this is the right time to invest in these companies. During the interview, he has also talked about how the industry expanded in the market and how the video gaming market experienced transformational growth in the last few years.

It’s Time To Invest in eSports Companies

According to Mr. Rozemuller, the video gaming market is in a phase of transformational growth, which could eventually generate revenue of almost $150 billion in 2019. This growth is expected to be related to partnerships, sponsoring, and marketing measures, among other things.

About it, Mr. Martijn Rozemuller commented:

“We expect that established video gaming companies will benefit most from the rise in esports, through partnerships, league ownership, sponsoring, franchising and other marketing measures. Esports has brought video gaming out of the living room and into the stadiums.”

At the same time, he considered that investors should build up a portfolio by setting apart a fixed amount per month and investing it across different asset classes and regions. This is why ETFs are suitable for this strategy and for having a diversified portfolio.

Finally, Rozemuller explained that traditional core asset classes on emerging markets offer interesting risk-adjusted returns. Moreover, he considers that the development of the economic cycle is the main challenge the world will face in the next two years.

The full interview can be read here:

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