MS Office Represents 73% Of The Most Commonly Exploited Applications Worldwide released a report in which they explained that the most commonly exploited applications worldwide this third quarter were linked to MS Office. Most of these attacks came from the United States followed by the Netherlands and Germany, among others.

MS Office Affected By Attackers

The security site informed that MS Office has represented 73% of the most commonly exploited applications around the world in Q3 2019. The report shows that Browsers were also affected with 13.47% of the total number of exploits performed by criminals and attackers.Related image

Malicious parties were also targeting other systems. Android received 9.09% of the attacks, Java 2.36%, Adobe Flash 1.57% and PDF 0.66%. It is worth mentioning that exploits make reference to hackers and attackers taking advantage of a bug or vulnerability in a specific software or computer program.

Regarding the characteristics of the most popular vulnerabilities, the report explained:

“Many of these vulnerabilities found in the last quarter aimed at privilege escalation inside the system stem from individual operating system services and popular applications.”

The sources for these web-based attacks included the United States with a market share of 79.16%. Other regions were the Netherlands, being the source of 15.58% of these exploit attacks, followed by Germany with 2.35% and France with 1.85%. Meanwhile, Russia remained in the last position with 1.05% of the attacks coming from this country.

The full story, statistics and information can be found here:


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