Top 10 US Largest Companies Fail To Make Top 40 Sustainable Business

Data gathered by indicates that none of the top ten largest public US companies made it to the top 40 category of most sustainable companies. Largest public US companies are ranked based on a composite score of revenue, profits, assets, and market value.

Currently, JPMorgan Chase is the largest company in the US with a market value of $369 billion. 

Other large companies include Bank of America ($287 billion),  Apple ( $927 billion), Wells Fargo ( $215 billion), ExxonMobil ($343 billion), AT&T ($233 billion), Citigroup ($161 billion) Microsoft($947 billion), Alphabet ( $863 billion) and Chevron ($228 billion.).

According to the report:

“Only two of the largest US firms, Microsoft and Bank of America made it to the top 100 list of most sustainable companies.”

The two firms occupied the 42nd and 70th position on the list.

On the other hand, Agilent Technologies is the most sustainable US company followed by texas Instruments, Voya Financial, Tiffany, Best Buy and HP Inc.

The sustainable list was compiled based on a methodology developed by Calvert Research and Management. The companies were rated based on how they performed in shareholders, employees, customers, communities, and the planet.

Achieving sustainability is a key target for many global companies considering that a majority operate in an unstable business environment.

Most companies have resolved to explore principles of sustainability in their everyday business decisions.

The full story, statistics and information can be found here:


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