Four Twenty Seven Announces its Physical Climate Risk Application

Score thousands of assets in minutes with Four Twenty Seven’s new on-demand physical climate risk app

Four Twenty Seven, an affiliate of Moody’s and the leading publisher of climate data for financial markets, today announces the release of a new on-demand climate risk scoring tool. This application responds to the financial sector’s growing call for the seamless integration of granular, forward-looking climate data into investment decisions and risk management practices.

Users are able to enter location and other data via an intuitive interface and immediately receive information on their assets’ exposure for floods, sea level rise, hurricanes & typhoons, heat stress and water stress to mid-century. The application allows users to browse and download detailed facility scorecards that include data on the underlying risk drivers for each hazard. The application also enables users to toggle between maps and tables to identify regional trends and multi-hazard exposure. Users can perform analyses for large volumes of locations via an API and integrate the outputs into downstream risk management and portfolio analysis applications.

As the material financial impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, understanding and preparing for climate risks is essential.  Real estate investors can use Four Twenty Seven’s physical climate risk app for due diligence and proactive risk management across their portfolio of properties. Portfolio managers can leverage the application to report climate risk exposure and enhance portfolio decision-making. Asset owners can evaluate long-term risk exposure and engage with corporations and managers to improve resilience. Banks can score thousands of locations at once to identify risk in commercial and residential lending portfolios. Corporations can identify risk hotspots and opportunities to build resilience in their global operations.

“We are excited to bring our on-demand physical climate risk application to the market.  Our app provides access to sophisticated climate model outputs in easily understandable metrics with just a few clicks,” says Four Twenty Seven’s  Founder & CEO, Emilie Mazzacurati. “Real-time access to forward-looking, location-specific data on climate risk enables investors, banks and corporations to manage their risk and invest in resilience.”


More information about the physical climate risk app can be found here.



Four Twenty Seven (, an affiliate of Moody’s, is a publisher of data and analysis related to physical climate and environmental risks. We tackle physical risk head on by identifying the locations of corporate production and retail sites around the world and their exposure to climate change hazards such as floods, heat stress, sea level rise, tropical storms and water stress, which pose an immediate threat to investment portfolios.

Four Twenty Seven’s ever-growing database now includes one million corporate sites and covers over 2000 publicly-traded companies. We also offer on-demand climate risk scores for real assets. Our subscription products and on-demand analytics include data licenses, an interactive analytics platform, and company scorecards, as well as reporting services, data for scenario analysis, and real asset portfolio risk assessments.

Four Twenty Seven has won multiple awards for its innovative work on climate risk and resilience and its work has been featured by Bloomberg, the Financial Times and the UNFCCC. Four Twenty Seven was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Berkeley, California with offices in Washington, DC, Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan.


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