Irene Nagudi: The environmentalist promoting sustainable gardening among school children in Uganda


My name is Irene Nagudi, I’m an environmental scientist by profession and I’m a co-founder of two environmental conservation youth organizations i.e. Fika Afrika Advocacy Foundation and Uganda Youth Biodiversity Network- a chapter linked to the Global Youth Biodiversity Network.
I have worked with different Youth organizations on education and awareness about sustainable practices like plastics waste management, clean water advocacy and climate change through campaigns, petitions, school outreaches.
I am passionate about green spaces in communities and with this passion I managed to pursue another line in conservation that is gardening, and I am a Founder of Kichini Gardener; promoting sustainable gardening practices among school children and communities.
The problems; hunger is on a rise though, the production of food is unsustainable thus children and communities have limited idea about conservation and adverse effects of climate change resulting from their doings.
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Through sustainable Gardening, we’re connecting children to conservation of life in the garden and increase of green spaces within our homes and serving as role models to our communities.
Presenter: Once you discover the problem(s) and find the solution(s), only action is needed which she is doing !! I must admit, we all have to create green spaces. We must all work together as Africans in achieving goal 13 of the sustainable development goals !!
#What‘s your view and practical sustainable solutions to this problem as well?

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