Young Liberian climate activist, Ezekiel Nyanfor nominated as youth ambassador for Earth Day Network


By Dela Ahiawor
Earth Day Network, the world’s largest environmental movement has nominated young Liberian Climate activist, Ezekiel Nyanfor as one of its youth ambassadors in Africa.
The nomination process involved youths from over 15 African countries. Mr. Ezekiel Nyanfor and other successful nominees joined 50 other ambassadors from 17 countries across the globe in a virtual conversation with madam Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network on the theme: “Youth Engagement for Global Action.”
This was to commemorate this year’s International Youth Day held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.
Mr. Ezekiel Nyanfor’s nomination was mooted by Mr. Derrick E. Mugisha, Country Coordinator of Earth Day Network, Uganda.
The young Liberian climate activist’s passion for climate change activism was evident during the “First African Youth Virtual Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and Climate change” held from July 28-29, 2020.
This informed his nomination by Earth Day Network as one of its youth ambassadors in Africa.
In an interview with, Mr. Nyanfor was full of gratitude: “I am grateful to madam Kathleen Rogers for my nomination and particularly her address to us the youth ambassadors on this year’s International Youth Day.” He also promised to use the insight and knowledge he gets from Earth Day Network to create greater awareness for climate actions in Liberia and Africa as a whole.
About Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Growing out of the first Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day Network is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 75,000 partners in over 190 countries to drive positive action for our planet.
About Ezekiel Nyanfor
Ezekiel Nyanfor is a 22 years old Liberian youth Climate Activist and Climate entrepreneur. He is very much passionate about protecting Mother Earth by calling for both political and individual actions to be taken. He’s the founded and Executive Director of the Liberian Youth for Climate Actions-LYCA. A youth based and youth originated non profit organization.
He has been in Climate Actions activities including World Environment Day, World Earth Day and others. On World Environment Day of this year, Ezekiel Nyanfor and LYCA hosted a summit title: World Environment Day Summit under the theme: Stop Deforestation. This summit brother together speakers from different African countries including : South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, and Liberia as well as participants.
Also, he celebrated World Earth Day 50 years anniversary with LYCA through social media awareness on Facebook. This awareness encourages global citizens to celebrate Earth Day admit COVID-19 Pandemic from home through series of activities like: planting trees, going for a run etc.
LYCA, through the leadership of Ezekiel Nyanfor commemorated World Migratory Bird Day under the theme: Brids Connect our world. The commemoration was through awareness on social media. Based on his passion to protecting Mother Earth, Ezekiel Nyanfor through LYCA established an innovative initiative called Climate Daily Effects (C.D.E.). Climate Daily Effects is a social media platform that shares stories and solutions to climate crisis in everyday life. Friday of every week we feature a person.His platform has feature many African Youth Climate Activists. Their stories and solutions to fighting Climate Change has inspired, motivated, educated and encouraged others to protect Nature.
Ezekiel Nyanfor has recently written an article on Climate Change. It’s title: Governments must outlaw Climate Inaction. In his published article, he disclosed the secrets behind governments taking little or no actions in achieving the general goal set at the Paries Agreement in December 2015. The article was published by
These are few of Ezekiel Nyanfor ‘s works and achievements.
Contacts: Email: LinkedIn: Ezekiel Nyanfor Facebook: Ezekiel Nyanfor WhatsApp: +231776882413

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