Poem to Save Planet Earth: Mother Nature

 By Kadiatu Sheriff

Once a beautiful heroine
Anyone would drown in admiration
With the smell of her natural perfume
Her deep embrace, enough to get one from coma
Nourishing and nurturing her children
With so much love and passion
Motherly responsibilities, she never fails at


Calling her children’s attention to her ever youngness
To be maintained with the return of love
Like every mother would yearn while aging
All she wants are ears and reciprocation
Yet, they keep burying their heads in sand
Selfishly Exploring and innovating
Claiming civilization and success
While ignorantly causing malicious distortions
Neither caring about her nor themselves


In increasing paces, her purity fades
Withering already, she can barely hug, let alone save
Her bulb, throwing down rays of fire already
Her womb is becoming barren already
The storms are uncontrollably angry
The Sea, never this uncomfortably scary
The trees, now waving in agony
Where do the children now turn?
All agents of stability gone helter skelter
All feeling like half-brothers and calling for justice
Justice for Mama Earth and their natural momentum


Though her climate is changing
Mama is ever forgiving
Justice is sure, if the children ask by acting
She needs her beauty back
She heals,  we heal
We are sorry Mama


Source: Climate Daily Effects (C.D.F) is a social media platform that share stories and solutions to climate crisis in everyday life. C.D.F is presented to you Friday of every week by LYCA ‘s Climate Education Coordinator Miss. Kadiatu A. Sheriff. Climate Daily Effects is an initiative of  Liberian  Youth for Climate  Actions (LYCA)

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