Poem to Save Planet Earth: Restore Our Earth


By Ezekiel Nyanfor


Oh! Mother Earth,

How beautiful you were,

Your Air was sweet and clean before the industrial revolution.


Your oceans were full of oxygen,

Your forests were  known of its beauty and amazing creatures.


Your land could feed all nations on earth,

Your weather conditions were stable for farming.


Oh! Mother Earth,

Your beauty are being destroyed by our own actions.

Men greed for power and fame have destroyed your:





Season’s pattern,

Air, and etc.


Leading to drought, sea level rise, Mass extinction of species, Air pollution, Heavy storms, deforestation, land degradation, oceans acidification, climate change and other environmental challenges.


Mother Earth,

Do we still have time to make it up to you?

” YES”! (Mother Earth).


Oh! Mother Earth,

We will all rise and take responsibility for our actions,

We will take Climate Actions now!!

We will protect our common home and future.


Mother Earth,

We will transition to GREEN ECONOMY,

We will transition to CLEAN ENERGY,

We will have complete ZERO CARBON planet,

Yes, we can.


Oh! Mother Earth,

How can we wish you a happy birthday?

You are not happy, you are weeping.


Stop weeping Mother,

We will do what you want us to.

Please accept our wishes, pledges and commitments.


Mother Earth,

We (Mankind) wish you happy 50th birth anniversary,

We pledge to protect you,

We commit to making you GREEN again.


Rejoice Mother Earth!!!

Source: Climate Daily Effects (C.D.F) is a social media platform that share stories and solutions to climate crisis in everyday life. C.D.F is presented to you Friday of every week by LYCA ‘s Climate Education Coordinator Miss. Kadiatu A. Sheriff. Climate Daily Effects is an initiative of  Liberian  Youth for Climate  Actions (LYCA)


You can share your stories and solutions to us (LYCA ) through these media: Nyanfor7077@gmail.com, lycactions@gmail.com , Whatsapp (+231776882413), Follow us on Facebook @LYCActions


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