Bwalya Bwalya: Young Climate Champion Promoting Recycling as a Way of Life in Zambia


Bwalya Bwalya is a four year environmental education student. She is former United Nations Environment (Tunza) Regional Ambassador to Africa. She is currently serving as sustainable climate champion under You-Retain Foundation and also Ambassador at Earth Day Network.
Being the first born in a family of two has helped Bwalya remain humble, focused and determined to reach greater heights. Due to her love for community work, She realized that most environmental problems are caused because of lack of awareness about environmental issues and sustainable development. This moved her to volunteer to work for a non-governmental organization called CHAWISH whose aim is to empower women with skills and let them take charge of environmental issues (Litter collection in their communities). She served as youth coordinator for the mentioned institution.Del Report
Later she volunteered to work with other environmental organizations where she did a number of awareness programs. In 2019 she served as both United Nations Environment Ambassador & University of Zambia Environmental Education Students Association Vice President.
She did a number of outreach programs in schools and communities. They visited areas were they encouraged citizens to take up recycling as a way of life. She and her team worked Hand and formed the first ever recycling points at the University of Zambia School of Education (Entrance) so that everyone that goes in and out of the school are reminded of proper waste disposal methods. She has continued growing and learning and has currently developed some recycling skills which she has in turn taught to friends and some children identified.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many people are in the Zambia and community have lost their jobs as many organizations have been forced to cut down on human resource as they have limited finances. This has left most people with no choice but to find alternative sources of income generation. Zambia is currently facing prolong hours of load shedding due to low water levels in the rivers and dams. This means most people need alternative source of energy.This has led some people to start businesses of supplying charcoal to people so as to meet daily needs. This leds to a lot of environmental problems.
Rather than just tell people to stop charcoal burning, they need to be provided with alternative sources of income generation. This is because people have families to take care of and that is basically the main reason as to why they engage in such activities. Bwalya and her colleagues have formed a small group where they share business knowledge and skills (recycling)which they can also use to make a living. They intend to grow the group so as to benefit more people and curb some of the environmental problems faced.

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