Edward Msiska: Climate activist mobilizing the youth against climate change in Malawi




EDWARD MSISKA is a National Youth Champion in Demographic Dividend and Policy communication. He is a Founder and Director of youth organisation called Youth Action for Success and Development based Lilongwe, capital city of Malawi. He is a strong activist in climate change, human rights, youth empowerment and education. He is youth ambassador for Malawi- Scotland Partnership and also an environmental specialist of African Youth Union Commission– Malawi chapter.

Early this year in February receiving an award as best leader in Climate Change by Minster of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


Edward is always proactive and driven to influence change at large. He has competent leadership and communication skills and also a team worker. He was awarded early this year as an outstanding young leader in climate change and governance at Sun-Bird Capital hotel, in Lilongwe City centre by the Minister of Foreign affairs and International cooperation.Del Report




The motivation that ignited my attention into climate change was that our country ,Motherland Malawi faces a lot of environmental problems. I felt bad to learn that little is being done and that youth participation in climate actions was poor. Through the assessment that I conducted, I realised that there are a lot of opportunities in the field of climate change but at the same if little efforts or actions are applied, then it simply means that we can’t restore our planet Africa. I started mobilising my fellow young people and other interested partners to join hands in addressing the impacts of Climate change.

Making Organic Fertilizer



Common environmental problems in Malawi:


* Changes in weather pattern which is linked to high or little rainfall, drought, floods, strong storm , heat waves and increase in disaster occurrence.


* Decline of health agriculture ecosystems which is linked to hunger and malnutrition.


* Poor waste disposal.


* Pollution i.e. land pollution, water pollution.


* Deforestation

* Biodiversity

Radio Program




Some of the actions/interventions as a youth leader has implemented:


* Tree plantation in bare places and also in areas where tree have been cut.


* Advocacy from the government to allocate enough funds towards Youth re-afforestation program.


* Training the youth and women in briquette production as an alternative cooking fuel.


* Establishing youth clubs and train them in Tree nursery management and forest management to increase survival rate of planted trees.


* Developing an innovation of making Organic fertilizer using advanced formulae to curb the problem of poverty and make farming productive to minimize pressure in people that force them venture into charcoal and firewood selling.


Advocacy to the Environmental Affairs Department to enforce the policy that promote proper waste management in public and private places.


Organising clean up exercise in Market places, streets and hospitals as one way of engaging the youth in climate actions.


The key challenge has been limited access to Financial support to advance and promote promising interventions that can help to restore our earth , our plane. As one way to solve this problem, we partnered with different organisations, youth networks and associations to have a collective voice and action for the betterment of the country. We amplify the voices of the youth and other vulnerable group of people so that they can be heard.

Source: Climate Daily Effects (C.D.F) is a social media platform that share stories and solutions to climate crisis in everyday life. C.D.F is presented to you Friday of every week by LYCA ‘s Climate Education Coordinator Miss. Kadiatu A. Sheriff. Climate Daily Effects is an initiative of  Liberian  Youth for Climate  Actions (LYCA)


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