Meet Ibrahim Barka: Climate activist promoting sustainable living in Chad



 I am Ibrahim Barka born in 1999 in Moussoro, Chad, aged 21 years old, tutilary with different

professional and academic degrees. He was a member of YALI Mandela Washington

Fellowship 2016, he is also Ambassador of EIP in 2019, representative of Kalinka in

Chad in 2020, he is also representative of covid-19 from Africa to Chad, general

manager of the company CARTHAGE.




My passion is to see my community and my country living Sustainability and be

protected from cancer and other diseases that the air pollution can bring in our daily



Today our planet has mostly being affected by climate change effects and we can see

how river, sea rise up every day. The risk of inundation is big every were we can

just see the example with how many people are affected by this catastrophe. In my

country Chad, many persons have been displaced from their homes in part due to

climate change catastrophe. And acting become a duty for all of us. As the US former

President Barack Obama said “we are the first generation to feel the effect of climate

change and the last generation that might do something about it”.


As we are all in danger and if nothing is done we can lost our planet and the future

could be uncertain for those who will come after us. So l think planting trees every year

and promoting this initiative at school could be one of solution.

Making campaign to ask industries to reduce their emissions of GHG and promoting

recycling plastic bags could be what I aim to do as action.


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