Strategies to Attract Top Talent Through Social Media

More and more people are looking for jobs on social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn. Learn about tapping into these digital goldmines of talent.

Although classified ads and physical job postings still exist, they’re on their way out. This is because online talent acquisition is the way to go. According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of American adults go online to look for information about jobs. About 45 percent have sent their job applications over the internet.

People now use the internet for their job search more than their personal and professional contacts. Apart from career sites, like Indeed and Glassdoor, job hunters are also using social media.

A survey by Clutch, a marketing insights firm, found that over 15 percent of job seekers find new careers on social media. The researchers found that employers utilized different social networks according to their industry. Companies that deal with creative pursuits often field new talent from networks like Instagram. On the other hand, traditional and B2B companies get their new hires from LinkedIn.

Facebook and Twitter are no longer just ways to connect and communicate with friends and family. For recruitment officers like you, they’re massive directories of the next best talent for your company. If you want to entice great employees through social media, here are things you need to do.

Get Your Brand Out There

If people don’t see your brand posts online, there’s a good chance they won’t see your listings, either. Before you even start creating job postings, it’s crucial for you to build your online brand as an employer. Create a careers page for your company, where you showcase your business’s culture and perks for employees. You can do this by posting a variety of content types, like photos, videos, infographics and more. Visual content is always better than plain text. After all, people learn faster from visuals than text.;

With posts that truly showcase your company culture and benefits, you’re sure to attract candidates that share your ethics, values, and beliefs. All you need to do is set up your tracking system for candidate applications to monitor the progress of their job applications in your company.

Get Your Current Workers Involved

Once you have your content posted, you need to show them to as many potential candidates as possible. You could use the boost feature on social media sites like Facebook, which allows you to promote your posts to your target audience. If you want a more organic and word-of-mouth way of showing posts to your target talent, ask your employees to share posts from your careers page. You could even hold an incentive program, which rewards employees who get hires from their shares.

Stay Up to Date With Your Niche

If you want to find prospects that are perfect for your open positions, join their niche communities on forums and message boards like Reddit and Quora. Here, you can ask managers and your CEO to answer questions that users may have about their chosen field. After providing an answer, provide a short spiel about your open positions, together with your contact information.

This may seem like you’re giving them free advice, but it pays off in spades when your people become respected authorities in the community. When thought leaders who are active on community message boards, you attract prospects who are not only a perfect fit for the roles you’re looking for but also highly interested in joining your company.

Use Social Media Insights

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn provide you with a variety of performance insights about your page. They’ll show how many people react to, engage with, and share your posts. You can use these insights to do A/B testing for your job posts and content.

A/B testing involves comparing the engagements of two versions of the same type of content or post to see which performs better. You adopt the changes from the better-performing post for all your future content. Regular A/B testing ensures that you always provide job posts and content that is sure to bring in conversions.

When it comes to finding the best employees in the industry, digital is the way to go. More and more people are using the internet, specifically social media, to find jobs. Tap into this goldmine of talent by promoting your company online, having current employees contribute to that promotion, using social media insights for research purposes, and becoming an authority in your industry’s forums and message boards. When you have these factors locked, you’ll have a steady stream of CVs filling up your inbox.

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