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Elhadj Abdoul Diallo from Guinea: Says greenhouse gases have no borders, calls for protection of the planet




My name is ELHADJ ABDOUL DIALLO; I am a young leader from the Republic of Guinea. I am an Economist by profession and passionate about entrepreneurship. I have been working with the YOUTH OF GUINEA FOR CLIMATE Y.G.C since 2018 as a secretary. I represented the youth of Guinea as a delegate in the MOCK COP26 a global event organized by young people, inclusive and virtual which was organized to fill the void of the postponement of the Cop26. I am also part of the Loss and Damage Coalition YDC an alliance of youth from the global North and South that are coming together to demand action on Loss and Damage.


Earth is our common home and I love her. Seeing her beauty and resources give me more reason to protect her and her inhabitants. There’s no planet B and nowhere to RUN.


Despite the fact that Africa emits also no greenhouse gases compared to western countries but one of the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, I am sure that the young African leaders will not stay without taking actions to stop the vulnerability of our continent to that unpleasant situation. Guinea is already being affected by the climate change and is facing so many challenges and that includes the extinction of forests which is causing the extinction of wild animals, the advancement of the desert and the rising of temperatures.


Knowing that greenhouse gases have no borders and that climate change is already affecting everyone, it is important to protect our common mother which is this planet earth through the implementation of mitigation, resilience and adaptation measures against the effects of climate change.

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Facebook: Diallo Elhadj Abdoul

WhatsApp: +224 622 69 26 20

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