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Joseph Awinongya Aims Higher- Want to Become a World Champion

Photo Credit: By Matthew Agyei

Joseph Awinongya, the 14 years old sensational  teenage boxing super star who has travelled around the United States competing in many tournaments has reiterated that he wants to live his dream of becoming a great world champion.

Now in Ghana, the motherland for a special visit, Jojo told Yours Truly in an exclusive interview that he is very focused, and wants his dream of becoming a world boxing champion.

He picked up boxing at the age of 5 and has been watching his dad Joseph Awinongya Sr. box since he was 2 years.

Jojo is a two time USA boxing junior Olympics National champion, a two time Silver gloves National champion and a USA National Champion at this point in his carrier.

The young budding ring prospect boasts of a 8 – time National championship titles, Eastern qualifier National championship feats and has won many National championship belts.

Jojo received his National Championship belt at the most junior Olympics and has since become a hero worldwide.

By Matthew Agyei

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