Announced Strategic Partnerships and New Analytics Tools at NRF 2022


Partnership with The Lionesque Group and MG2 Delivers Pop-Up Shop Analytics for Retailers; Ombori Partnership Provides Insight Into Effectiveness of Retail Experience Solutions, the industry’s first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Spatial Intelligence platform, announced two strategic partnerships and three powerful new spatial intelligence analytics tools focused on helping retailers drive in-store profitability at NRF 2022. 

The Lionesque Group and MG2 Corporation Partnership partnered with The Lionesque Group, an award-winning experiential retail strategy and design studio, and its parent company, MG2 Corporation, a global design and architecture firm, to bring real-time analytics to pop-up shops. Using’s cutting-edge spatial intelligence technology, brands and retailers will now be empowered to use their pop-up store to gain actionable insights to drive business outcomes and deliver improved customer experiences.

Brands and retailers can now cost-effectively understand how their pop-up shop is performing through a variety of analytics such as:

  • Entrance and group sizes for measuring true sales conversion rates with POS Tie-In
  • Shopper behavior including dwell times and heat mapping
  • Merchandising insights
  • Staffing optimization via insights around customer and staff interactions
  • Checkout queue and wait times

Ombori Partnership also partnered with Ombori, a forward-thinking retail technology firm delivering the next generation of retail solutions. Now, retailers with installed Ombori products can measure the effectiveness of their retail experience solutions for driving in-store sales and enhancing customer experiences.

Retailers can now see real-time traffic and dwell analytics around particular Ombori devices and better understand how the customer flow improves as a result. integrates with existing Ombori devices and leverages a retailer’s available camera assets to acquire spatial intelligence insights without the need for specialized hardware. The company has engaged with Ombori to deploy its spatial intelligence in big-box retail stores and a large chain of grocery stores.

New Spatial Intelligence Analytics Tools

The company also announced three powerful new spatial intelligence analytics tools focused on helping retailers drive in-store profitability.’s CPG Display Tool helps retailers assess the effectiveness of CPG brands at their stores with store-level data to directly measure and maximize the impact of Category Management efforts. Retailers can enhance their strategic CPG brand partnerships by offering them valuable data to improve their merchandise placement and marketing promotions.’s True Conversion Rate Tool allows retailers to quantify group size dynamics in their locations (ex: families, couples, or singles) and delivers a more accurate buyer conversion rate for retailers. This is a huge departure from how the conversion rate is typically calculated, with most retailers measuring individuals, not groups.

Lastly, its new Brand Effect vs. Location Tool lets retailers assess how effective their store-within-a-store brands and locations are performing. Retailers can quantify traffic and dwell times around store-within-a-store locations to benchmark rents for each area and guide potential adjustments in location and surrounding store signage to improve performance.

“Unlike online shopping where the entire buyer journey is meticulously tracked, retailers today lack in-store analytics around customer behavior. We are changing that,” said George Shaw, CEO and Founder of “All of our products are geared towards providing critical insights into in-store customer behavior that can lead to increased profitability and improved business outcomes for retailers – whether that’s measuring the effectiveness of retail experience solutions, providing more robust pop-up shop analytics, or creating new tools that help retailers assess the effectiveness of CPG brands at their stores. Our new partnerships with The Lionesque Group, its parent company MG2, and Ombori will enable brands and retailers to make data-driven business decisions with’s spatial intelligence.” integrates and collects data from a retailer’s existing camera infrastructure. It measures customer movement inside a physical space anonymously – allowing companies to comply with GDPR and CCPA standards and achieve positive business results in an unbiased way.

With an out-of-the-box install that takes less than a day,’s real-time analytics for pop-up shops are available starting in February. The Ombori solution and’s new retail tools are available immediately. To learn more, visit

About is the industry’s first AI-powered spatial intelligence software company that uses anonymous location data from available and existing infrastructure to observe human behavior in any physical space. Its sophisticated technology turns raw behavioral and spatial data from existing sensors into actionable and applied business learnings – allowing companies to drive the business results that matter most to the growth of their companies in real-time. Founded in 2019, is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To learn more about, please visit

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