CGF unveils Athlete Advocacy Guiding Principles for Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has unveiled Athlete Advocacy Guiding Principles for competitors at the Commonwealth Games to help strengthen the athlete voice across Commonwealth Sport. 

The Advocacy Guidance has been created under the supervision of the CGF Athletes Advisory Commission (AAC) with the support of an international expert working group. This demonstrates a clear intent from the CGF to support athletes who wish to positively advocate for important issues, in line with the CGF’s vision and values.

The Guidance is built around three key principles:

1.    The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) recognises that athletes are:

  • Inspirational leaders,
  • Agents of change,
  • Advocates for integrity
  • Ambassadors for respect, impartiality, and non-discrimination

2.    The CGF is supportive of freedom of expression and trusts, respects and understands that athletes may want to make positive expressions of their values in line with the CGF values of Humanity, Equality and Destiny

3.    Any such positive expressions of values are subject to the CGF Charter of Good Conduct

To ensure that the Advocacy Guidelines are clearly understood, implemented, and embraced, the CGF AAC is reaching out to all 72 Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) to engage with their Athlete Commissions in a series of global workshops. The objective is to ensure alignment on the best way to collectively amplify the athlete voice at the Games and across the Movement.

CGF President Dame Louise Martin said: It is the belief of the CGF that athlete advocacy and activism humanises, rather than politicises, sport.

Under the guidance of CGF Athletes Advisory Commission Chair Brendan Williams, I am proud of our approach to help strengthen the athlete voice. We want to encourage the positive, not police the negative.

Ultimately we trust our athletes as inspirational leaders who make a positive impact in everything they do.”

CGF AAC Chair and Executive Board member Brendan Williams said: “I am proud that we are unveiling our Athletes Advocacy Guiding Principles today. This is the result of a vast amount of work from many dedicated people.

The CGF Athletes Advisory Commission is fully committed to strengthening the athlete voice and amplifying the views of our athletes.

These guiding principles seek to encourage tolerance and understanding. Advocacy at its best is clear, positive, meaningful and most importantly respectful of others.

Our role in the coming months is to ensure that the Guidelines are clearly understood by athletes and implemented for the good of everyone involved in Commonwealth Sport.”

Click here to view the Athlete Advocacy Guiding Principles.

About the CGF

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is the organisation that is responsible for the direction and control of the Commonwealth Games, and for delivering on the vision of the Commonwealth Sports Movement: to build peaceful, sustainable and prosperous communities globally by inspiring Commonwealth Athletes to drive the impact and ambition of all Commonwealth Citizens through Sport.

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