Music Industry Embraces Sustainability

First-Ever Music Sustainability Alliance ConferenceS trikes a Resounding Chord of Success

The inaugural Music Sustainability Summit produced by the Music Sustainability Alliance (MSA), was held on Monday, February 5th, 2024 at The Novo in downtown Los Angeles, amidst the once in a generation rain event, witnessed an overwhelming turnout, affirming the music industry’s commitment to sustainability even in the face of challenging circumstances. The Summit, strategically scheduled the day after the Grammys, drew leaders from across the music industry, signaling a pivotal moment for collective action towards environmental stewardship.

The event, hosted by the dynamic GreenBiz Chairman and Co-founder, Joel Makower, brought together leaders and competitors from all sectors including: labels, managers, agents, promoters, production companies, NGO’s and artists. Scientists and academics discussed pressing issues surrounding sustainability within the music industry. Panelists were challenged to address critical questions, emphasizing the need for collaboration and collective efforts. The conference highlighted the necessity of a unified approach towards sustainability, echoing sentiments that music industry stakeholders cannot act alone in mitigating its environmental impact.

“I am energized by the incredible turnout and engagement at our inaugural summit, a clear signal that this community is primed to take collective action to combat climate change,” declared Amy Morrison, President and Co-founder of MSA.  “Climate Action is not just about the industry reducing emissions, but also about lifting up our artists, audiences and the communities around the world who look to us for inspiration.”

Key topics addressed at the summit included the shared responsibility for sustainability and strategies for all industry sectors and local government to work together towards a more sustainable future. The conference also celebrated ongoing solutions-based work and outlined future initiatives, including MSA initiated research projects with the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management focusing on extreme weather impacts and regulatory effects on business operations and the bottom line, and a mapping project with MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative.

The conference featured insightful panel discussions on topics such as data importance, artist activism, waste reduction strategies, transportation emissions, collaborative approaches towards sustainability and sustainable food practices.

Reflecting on the summit, Maggie Baird, Founder of Support + Feed and mother to Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, reiterated the impact that food choices have on the climate crisis. “Food is across everything everyone does in the music industry. Addressing what is on our plates and providing primarily, if not entirely, plant-based food offerings can be a massively impactful step the music industry can take to nourish both people and the planet.”

Additionally, a compelling case study showcased how direct competitors collaborated to address scope 3 emissions, setting a precedent for industry-wide cooperation.

The MSA is the Green Association for the music industry. The organization’s working board consists of Eleanor Anderson, Kurt Langer, Michael Martin (co-founder) and Amy Morrison (co-founder). In addition to annual summits the MSA is providing a series of tools and services to the industry to create systemic change:

Working Groups: To foster community engagement, the MSA has introduced Working Groups – dynamic forums that serve as platforms for exchanging ideas and networking. Members interested and passionate about a topic share successes, learnings, and challenges to spark innovation that leads to the adoption of solutions.

Educational Webinars: The MSA is hosting monthly educational webinars and ongoing research initiatives on critical topics aimed at promoting climate action. The first webinar takes place on March 28 at 10am PT and focuses on voting, exploring how the industry can leverage its platforms to encourage audiences to become climate-minded voters.

Tools and Resources: The MSA website features tools and resources for helping the industry become more sustainable.

Awards: The MSA Awards recognize sustainability leaders and innovators in the music industry to acknowledge the impact and inspire others to take action

Help Line: The MSA acts as a resource for anybody who is a member of the music industry who has sustainability questions.

MSA extends its gratitude to its founding partners, including Clair, Nighthawk, PRG, REVERB, Rock-it Global, Rock Lititz, r.World, Solotech, TAIT, and Upstaging, as well as summit sponsors AEG, ASM, Circular Unity, Moxion, and Everywhere Apparel, for their invaluable support.


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