FINA Swimming World Cup 2018 : Le Clos and Seto look forward to compete


One of the biggest annual swimming competition is around the corner, and it is time to start previewing the event and the medal contenders.

FINA managed to steal a little bit of time of two of the best swimmers of the FINA Swimming World Cup, the current Title holder South Africa’s Chad Le Clos and SWC 2017 6th place Daiya Seto of Japan.

The Swimming World Cup 2018 promises to be once again a fierce battle between the sport’s biggest names.

“No pressure at all, the World Cups are always a good time, of course I always want to win any competition I race in but I feel the World Cups are always special for me,” says a very confident and relaxed Le Clos, who currently trains in Antalya in Turkey for about 30 hours per week.

Discussing the format of the Series, Le Clos adds:

“For me personally, I think short course swimming is more exciting when it is over a series of events. I’ve always enjoyed the concept of a circuit with many stops around the world, although sometimes the structure around the events makes it difficult to train in between, especially when travelling through time zones.”11th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) - Day Two

Daiya Seto

 Seto is also looking forward to facing h  is opponents:”The World Cup is fun. I’m looking forward to the race with the rivals. I think that it will be good exercise.”

World Cup’s favourite Le Clos admits having many favourites hosts:

“I have many but my all-time favourites are Doha, Eindhoven and Singapore because they combine great swimming facilities with an exciting atmosphere.”

“The World Cup is an opportunity for me to work on my skills throughout the year with short course racing and I challenge myself to win the overall series. There are many great champions that have come through and will challenge, and I have huge respect for all of them.”

For Seto, who currently swims about 10km every day in preparation, it is the adrenaline of racing the Butterfly King that is the most exciting:

“Chad le Clos of South Africa is the one I am particularly looking forward to swimming next to because he is tough.”

Positive thinking and winning attitude is definitely two ways to describe Seto and Le Clos although the latter confess the best advice he ever received was from his father, Bert Le Clos, whom we know well from his energy in the stands.

“I have received a lot of great advice from numerous mentors but the best advice has usually come from my Dad, he is the greatest. He has always said to me to never give up in any race no matter how far behind or ahead you are, that’s why I’m always able to push through during tough wins or losses.”

Both athletes have confirmed they will attend the FINA World Swimming Championships 2018 in Hangzhou, China, in December this year with the objective to establish new World Records.


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