My name is KENGRAN LIZA VERNYUY (21yrs). I’m a student at the University of Bamenda, College of Technology studying Agricultural Engineering. My goal is to completely eliminate post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables in Cameroon and the world at large.


My passion is to encourage youths to engage into a sustainable Agriculture and develop solutions for Agricultural problems in Cameroon and around the world.


In most sub Saharan countries and Cameroon in particular, fruits and vegetables get spoilt very soon before they can be eaten and sold at the market and they cannot be stored for a long time because basic storage knowledge and skills of the farmers and sellers are still very poor, preservation infrastructure is expensive and need high volts and constant electricity which is almost always not available.May be an image of food and indoor

Traditional open sun drying is a common and widely used method for drying of agricultural produce including fruits, vegetables and cash crops. It is the simplest way of drying foods by direct exposure of the product to the sun.  Even though sun drying is the cheapest method, the quality of the dried product is far below standards. This method has other disadvantages like contamination by insects and bacteria, slow or intermittent drying. The losses of fruits and vegetables become an environmental problem and ultimately lead to pollution. Many people are facing malnutrition and chronic diseases while these crops being lost are considered an important incubator of phytochemicals and nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals.No photo description available.


I strongly believe that with the design and fabrication of dehydrators for fruits and vegetables, the problem of post harvest losses will be greatly reduced. I intend to educate my mates and the local masses on the importance and nutritional value of dried fruits and vegetables. With this initiative I intend to create a team of great minds to effectively work towards the accomplishment of my goal.No photo description available.

CONTACT: Email: Facebook: @Vernyuy pizza Instagram: snappylizzyofficial

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