Prominent Liberian Youth Climate Activist Ezekiel Nyanfor Joins President Weah’s Call for Climate Fund for Least Developed Countries



By Amos P. Korzawu

Young Liberian Climate Change Activist Ezekiel Nyanfor has emphasized the need for climate financing to help Least developed countries deal with climate impact and climate education.

Ezekiel Nyanfor is the founder and executive director of Liberian Youth for Climate Actions, an organization that is into climate awareness and education in several communities in Liberia.

Nyanfor in an interview with the BBC on November 3, 2021 said he supports his President George M. Weah statement at the conference of parties (COP26) on Monday in Glasco when president Weah told world leaders that his country Liberia maintain and protect the largest remaining tracts of forest reserves, but get the lowest benefits for these ecosystem services.

According to President Weah African Countries bear the brunt of the impact of climate change, but benefit the least from existing solutions and financing arrangements currently in place for tacking climate change.

Ezekiel Nyanfor told the BBC, “I agree with my president that the issue with financing is a challenge for least develop country like Liberia, there have been a lot of bureaucracy in accessing fund to fight climate change and I do believe and affirmed that there should be a reduction in the bureaucracy to access finance when it comes to climate change”, he added.

Ezekiel Nyanfor; Young Liberian Activist On Climate Change

According to Nyanfor back in 2009 develop countries pledge their commitment to giving 100 billion every year to least develop countries something that’s is yet to be implemented.

When ask by the BBC reporter on what exactly the funding will be needed for as a country, Ezekiel Nyanfor explained that Liberia faces lot of impact when it comes to climate change, he mention the agriculture sector as been hugely affected with the changes in the season pattern and farmers are finding it difficult in growing their crops which will lead to low production in food and the crisis of food security will become a serious challenge in Liberia as such, the agriculture sector will be one of the beneficiaries of said funding among many others that have been impacted by climate change, he noted.

He pointed out that Liberia is located along the coastal line with 9 Counties out of 15 being coastal counties which makes Liberia at high level of impact when it comes to sea erosion and sea level rise. “I think we need to also build our coastal defense system and get into climate smart agriculture including lot of issues that confront our fishery industry as well”, Nyanfor told the BBC.

Nyanfor said his organization “Liberian Youth for Climate Actions” has recommended to stakeholders in the education sector that climate education be introduce in schools around the country.

Even though, he acknowledged that there are more young people now involved into climate awareness, advocacy and other climate change activities, more still needs to be done for proper and sufficient awareness and education in Schools across the Country for climate education.

Source: Fortune TV Liberia

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