The international sporting community congratulated and praised the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2021. The 2021 edition from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world saw a record number of over 180,000 participants in the competitions, workshops, conference sessions and ceremonies. The IOC young leaders’ workshop: Building a Better World Through Sport and the UTS ambassador workshop: Cultivate Community has seen a record number of over 30,000 participants showcasing of the youth of the world’s interest in these important topics and making their voices heard.
The closing ceremony took place at the National Olympic Committee head quarter in Saudi Arabia with many VIPs present. The Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia His Highness Prince Fahad bin Jalawi Al Saud, IOC member, Ms Aïcha Garad Ali, the President of World Taekwondo Dr. Chou and the list goes on.

Many other representatives from 13 recognised combat sports were part of the event. President of ARISF Raffalel Chiulli, Christoph De Kepper the Director General of the IOC spoke on behalf of the IOC thanking UTS and the National Olympic Committee of Saudi Arabia for this inspiring initiative. The IPC President, Andrew Parsons showed joy on the IPC Inclusive Challenge and the Wethe15. While Mary Davis spoke about the all-inclusiveness of the IOC, IPC and SOI. His Royal Highness Prince Adbulaziz bin Turki thanked the youth of the world for their commitment and a unified voice towards a better tomorrow, also showing his pride of the kingdom for being the host. UTS President, Stephan Fox bowed down to the youth of the world who were centre of this event rocking it from day one and showing us that living together in solidarity is possible.

There will be a special medal ceremony for all the competition categories on the 17th of December for the final round of the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2021.

Over 300 youth were invited to the National Olympic Committee receiving a medal and a certificate for their participation in the opening and closing ceremony, sports programmes and volunteering.

A full report of the event will be available soon but you can re watch all the workshops, conference sessions and ceremonies at UTS YouTube Channel and www.unitedthroughsports.com
To find out more about the festival visit: www.unitedthroughsports.com or to discuss further email admin@unitedthroughsports.com.

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