MoneyGram launches remittance service to mobile wallets in Ghana

MoneyGram mobile wallets are now available in Ghana after the collaboration between MoneyGram and Zeepay.

The new service will enable remittances directly to 11 million mobile wallets in Ghana from more than 200 countries around the world.

MoneyGram chief revenue officer Grant Lines said: “This is an important milestone for MoneyGram in Ghana as we’re now offering real-time, seamless service to our customers and giving them more choices about how to receive their funds – at a physical location, directly to a bank account or a mobile wallet.

 “Giving consumers the flexibility to choose between digital and cash pick-up is, and will continue to be, a competitive advantage for the company.”

Anybody can send funds through MoneyGram online or via its locations across 200 countries and territories to mobile wallets in a few minutes.

The beneficiary can access the remitted funds any time and it can be used to purchase items or services online.

Additionally, they can encash their money from more than 2,000 banking partners’ locations across the country or transfer it to their bank account.

Zeepay managing director Andrew Taki Appiah said: “Together with MoneyGram, we are building the future digital payments ecosystem in Ghana.

“I look forward to seeing the launch of similar services in other African countries.”

Last year, Ghana received around $2.2bn in remittances, according to World Bank data.

Last month, MoneyGram and GCash entered into a partnership to launch a money transfer service in the Philippines.



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