‘Data Privacy’ Searches Skyrocket to All-Time Highs in the U.S.

Interest in data privacy in the United States has reached its highest level in history according to a recent report released by the recognized security site PreciseSecurity.com.

People are worried about how companies are handling their information and which are the security measures they use to protect their data.

Interest in Data Privacy Skyrockets

As per the report released by PreciseSecurity.com, interest in data privacy surged in October to the highest level ever recorded in the United States.

Data shows that the search term ‘Data Privacy’ reached an interest level of 100. This is an increase of over 47% since July this year when the interest for data privacy was 68.

The lowest point ever recorded was registered in June 2004 when the interest for the ‘Data Privacy’ search term touched 17.

Privacy is a very important topic that users are now protecting much more than in the past. Firms can buy and sell data from individuals around the world without necessarily caring about the consequences of doing so.

On the matter, the report reads as follows:

“The world is becoming highly interconnected and privacy is becoming very valuable to users. Companies are also addressing this issue and regulators are increasing their fines if users’ data is vulnerated.”

Several companies such as Facebook and Edmodo have been affected by privacy scandals on how they handled users’ information and data. Nowadays, individuals are using VPNs and other solutions to reduce their exposure while surfing the internet.

The full story, statistics and information can be found here:   https://www.precisesecurity.com/articles/data-privacy-searches-skyrocket-to-all-time-highs-in-the-u-s

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