Blockchain needs more complex services to satisfy the masses- Credits CEO


In a recent interview with, Chief Executive Igor Chugunov stated that there is a need for more complex blockchain services to meet the market demand. He noted new solutions will bring fresh air into the market.

“Ethereum lost its positions”

During the interview, Igor added that Ethereum had lost its position as the go-to solution for dapps due to the evolving blockchain ecosystem. The team explained that was better due to improved transaction speeds. Currently, Ethereum transaction speeds range between 14-17 seconds while the Credits platform stands at 0.1 seconds.

According to Igor:

“The inability to develop qualitative products due to technical features of the blockchains of the old generation leads us to the solutions that will bring fresh air to the market and allow devs to develop complex services that will really satisfy the needs of the masses worldwide”.

Furthermore, Igor explained the motivation behind the ongoing ERC-20 CS token swap to CS coin as the platform moves towards creating demand for Credit native token.

He further shared insights into’s expansion plans. The platform is currently exploring different markets in a bid to increase the user base.

From the pool of products offered by, Igor noted that the system for the supply chain industry and origin of goods has the highest demand. Currently, the platform is exploring the loyalty industry.

The full interview can be read here:

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