Google Searches for Unemployment Benefits up 1,566% in the US


Data gathered by indicates that Google searches related to unemployment benefits in the United States have spiked by at least 1,566% over the last one year. The data further indicates the searches dramatically increased in March 2020.

March records a significant spike in searches 

According to the data, the increase in searches began during the second week of March when the popularity score stood at 10. Notably, this is the period COVID-19 had begun taking a toll on the US economy.

The third week of March recorded another significant spike leading to a popularity score of 85, representing an increase of 750% from the previous week. Already, the week of March 22 has seen the phrase unemployment benefits attain the peak popularity score of 100, representing an increase of 1,566% from a similar period last year.

Before the March spike, the weekly popularity score for unemployment benefits stood at about 7. According to the report:

“This data offers a glimpse of the long term effects of the coronavirus with nearly every state having been impacted by the COVID-19.”

With every state in the US impacted by the Coronavirus, New Jersey has seen the highest number of searches in unemployment benefits. The state has peak popularity of 100.

On the other hand, New York which is the epicenter of Coronavirus in the US comes second with a popularity score of 93.

With a popularity score of 75, Texas has seen the most searches over the last 12 months.

Connecticut comes fourth with a popularity score of 70 while Kentucky is fifth with Google search popularity standing at 68.

Based on the volume of searches, it is evident that the US will for the first time post a decline in jobs since 2010 and break a string of 113 straight months of increases.

The full story, statistics and information can be found here:

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