Why Your Webite Needs Social Media Buttons — Even If You Don’t Have Social Media

There’s no beating about the bush: social media buttons make a website more shareable and improve its ranking. Find out more about them here


Why is it that your website is not faring well on social media? Why are customers uninterested about following your official page? Why aren’t they talking about your page and commenting on your posts? Most of your questions can be answered by one simple answer: your website doesn’t have social media share buttons. This means that when potential customers land on your page, they don’t find it necessary to share your pages with their network. Or maybe they cannot be bothered to copy-paste the web page’s link on their profiles.

But if you include social media share buttons in your Shopify website design, then you have a better chance of persuading your potential customers to share what they have learned from your page. If they found a product or service they like and want to share with their network, a simple click is all it takes for them to do just that. But if they have to copy-paste the URL of that page, you’re isolating those who don’t know how to do it or doesn’t want to make the effort.

In fact, even if your business doesn’t have a social media presence (but, why?), you can still benefit from having social media share buttons on the page. Your customers’ followers can visit your website to learn about the products and services. That’s the power of placing social media share buttons on your page.

Improve Customer Experience

Even if your customers are not inclined to share your content with their followers, putting social media share buttons will persuade them to do so. This is part of having an effective and quality website. Although they may not actively participate in sharing your content, it’s still a good thing to have the option available to them. That increases the likelihood that customers will have an unforgettable experience browsing your website.

Introduce What You Can Offer to New Customers

Your brand will reach more potential customers when present clients are able to share what they have learned about your business from your website. This can take your business to a whole new level. You can use this opportunity to appeal to these new customers and sell them your products and services.

Boosts SEO Benefits

Shared content will receive more attention from potential customers. As a result, search engines such as Google will notice this increase in organic traffic. This is one of the important algorithms search engines look at when they rank your web page. The more people share your page, the more people will come and visit the page. This sends a signal to search engines that your web page has relevant and important information to web users.

The point of having a website is to push your agenda forward. To do this, you need social media share buttons. This will make it easy for web visitors to share what they have learned from your website with their network. Even without a strong presence on social media, having share buttons will help boost brand awareness. It will also help build a list of prospective clientele



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