Zambia: Blutus Mbambi young climate activist speaks on online climate strikes



Blutus Mbambi, student and climate activist. About his involvement in online strikes.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a fourth year student at information and communications University-Zambia(ICUZAMBIA). I am studying bachelor of science in Environmental management systems

What boost you to get involved in the schools’ climate awareness and strikes

I have always shocked  at how little some people seem to care about the environment and the planet we live in, I think these strikes are really starting to show the older generation that they have to change and  I remember in 2012 when we experienced severe drought to our village, we used to go looking for food and beg from our less affected neighbors but this time, they  too have nothing, this is the reason why I have strong spurred that what we’re experiencing now has come to stay and we have to completely change our thinking if we are to survive.

Why do you think climate strike are getting so much attention?

I think the key to strike is young people, mostly when people think of a climate activist(environmentalist), they get a certain specific stereotype in their head and the fact the strake are made up of al kind of young people and youths and it is important to see young activists as Greta Thunberg repeating: this is the crisis, so why aren’t we acting like it. And if one virus can wipe out the entire economy in a matter of the months and shutdown the societies and what is a proof that our communities in Zambia are not resilient and this showing that we are in emergency, we can act and we can change our behavior quickly as the way we have responded to covid19 virus

This massage is not all about getting attention or saving the rainforest, it about saving the most vulnerable communities in counties, I have seen increase in food price, floods washing away the top soil and droughts affecting yield of crop, as United Nation Secretary General Antonno Guterres once said my generation has failed to respond properly to the dramatic challenges of climate change.

we are facing severe water and electricity shortage, with many business relying on diesel generator for 7 hours a day and I have released that climate change is drawing development backwards in relation to covid19 which has an impact on education, we can’t access schools, also impact on health issues, nutrition, food security and malnutrition is holding back children’s development

why do you think is the cause of lack of action on addressing climate change?

We simply do not talk about climate crisis anywhere near with our families and workmates or friends but it time to create a contractive conversation with our society to know the problem that climate change and environmental related issues are real, a lot of people think they can’t see the direct effect of climate change and they don’t really understand what this crisis is doing on this planet.

Action to combat climate emergency takes time and money, energy, our politician they don’t even stand and acknowledge that, we have to make sacrifice in the way we live now if we are to combat the effect of climate change. Change is hard but it is necessary, we can’t solve the problem we don’t talk about

Lack of investing in new technology, in new research which can’t help to achieve a corban emission.  And anyone who thinks to create awareness, advocating for a change we are sacrificing our own education is wrong, were are enhancing it.

What are the specific actions would you like to see from Zambian people and the government?

I would love the government to actually recognize and validate the youths strikes or voices, I want them to acknowledge our voice and actually listen to what are saying, and we are the people, who are going to vote soon.

In the meantime, I want to see action from the business, we need to be investing in new technology, in new research which will help us to achieve a carbon emission on this planet. Lot of power lies with them and if as the consumer we want the way in which our produce is made to change, the business will listen to that, also i want to see schools taking on new green initiative, however looking forward to see the government declaring climate emergency

Is there anything else you would like to say to metro 94.5 FM Zambia and youths out there who are listen.

Thank you all I want to say is that I will not stop talking about climate change until required actions Is taken, I need all the support i can get and am so grateful to business like Metro 94.5 FM Zambia for helping me get out voice out there. If anyone want to get involved you are welcome and help support, I would love to hear from you.

Source:Metro Radio station ,Lusaka Zambia







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