Pointers for Shipping High-value Items

You need to take the necessary precautions when shipping high-value items. Here's how to secure your package for overseas shipping

Shipping high-value items such as jewelry halfway across the world is enough to fill anyone with dread. Maybe you’re moving to a different state or country and you don’t have enough room in your luggage to bring all your valuables. Or maybe you found something abroad and want it shipped directly to you. Either way, you’ll need a safe and secure way to get your items from point A to B.

Whether you’re moving personal effects or looking for safe eBay shipping to the Philippines, it’s important to understand the basics of shipping valuable and fragile materials. Shipping jewelry overseas isn’t as simple as filling a box with packing peanuts and sending it off to wherever. Jewelry is a high-value target for thieves, and any damage incurred during transit can be costly.Amazon Prime one-day shipping: Amazon plans to cut delivery time in half - Vox

Here are a few tips to help you safely get your valuables from one country to another. Let’s begin.

Don’t just mix all of your valuables in a single box. It’s important that every piece or pair has been cleaned beforehand and placed in its own container, whether it’s a box or a pouch. Make it a point to take photographs so you’ll have evidence of the state of your jewelry before they were shipped. If you find anything missing at the destination, you can use the photographs as evidence for a claim.

Once you’ve prepared your valuables for shipping, you need to pack them properly. Whatever protection you think your package needs, double it. Most courier services value speed over protection and boxes get kicked and thrown multiple times during the journey.

Just to be on the safe side, it’s best to choose a moderately-sized box, even if you’re just shipping a few small pieces. Larger boxes are more noticeable and less likely to be lost.

Make sure to use high-quality materials when preparing the package. The quality of the box or the tape could spell the difference between losing your package and a safe arrival. For instance, covering the jewelry box with bubble wrap ensures an extra layer of protection for the contents.

Avoid using cheap tape or even glue to secure the package. Only use proper packaging tape designed for long-distance travel.

Announcing to the world that you’re shipping valuables is a sure way to get it stolen. Your package will pass through many sorting centers and airports before it arrives at its destination. If you write anything on the package that shows the nature of its contents, you risk losing all your items.

Just write your name and the return address. If you’re buying from an online store, inform them ahead of time to keep the packaging discreet, and to leave out certain keywords such as “diamonds” and “bracelet.”

Preparing valuables for a long journey can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Whether you’re moving your own property or buying something overseas, you’ll always worry about potentially losing your package. These tips will help you secure your package and ensure it arrives safely.



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