Tighter Covid restrictions lead to increasing demand from UK homeowners looking for affordable extra space


TIGHTENING restrictions around the UK due to the coronavirus variant have led to homeowners seeking simple, affordable, sustainable solutions which will give them extra home space in 2021.

With tough restrictions in many parts of the UK and impending lockdowns, homeowners who were thinking the end of the pandemic was in sight, are now taking decisions which will give them more space at home.

YouKube, a UK company producing state-of-the-art garden rooms for use as work-from-home offices or extra living space, have seen a surge in interest since it became clear that restrictions were tightening.youkube-garden-office-interior (1) (1)-min.jpg

The Covid pandemic had already prompted pressure on space, with parents and children often needing to work from home, as well trying to find room for their leisure activities.

Now that situation is set to continue for many, YouKube has been receiving inquiries from all over the UK for its simple, affordable, sustainable solution.

YouKube can be adapted to suit a homeowner’s needs as an office, children’s playroom, gym, studio, sauna, relaxation room, or other use at a fraction of the cost of adding an extension to a house, and usually doesn’t need planning permission.youkube-garden-office (1) (1)-min.jpg

Eddie Black, managing director of proven solutions business Eco, and Darren Cardwell, managing director of lifts design experts Axess 2, run  Eco Axess which designs and manufactures YouKube from bases in Scotland and Lancashire.

Eddie said: “We have seen a big increase in inquiries for YouKube since it became clear that restrictions were going to tighten and that we are going to be living with some form of regulations for some time.

“People are saying they were willing to put up with the multiple, and often conflicting, demands on their home space for a limited period in 2020.

“But now that we are moving into 2021 and with this situation set to continue many are saying they need to find a sustainable way to gain extra home space.

“YouKube provides them with a simple and affordable solution and it’s proving an extremely popular option.”youkube-garden-room (1) (1)-min.jpg

Darren said with all the recent concern about EU borders, and the ongoing uncertainty over any impact from Brexit, the UK credentials of YouKube are also appealing to customers – with no delays in manufacture and supply of the stylish Eco Axess products.

Darren said: “With YouKube being 100 per cent designed and manufactured in the UK there are no concerns about any delay in supply.

“All the work is carried out at Eco Axess bases in Scotland and England so we have no issues with any borders. It’s a purely UK product which is something which is appealing to consumers as well.

“It is giving the customer that trust and certainty and taking all the worry away from them.

“They know the price they are quoted is the price they pay, and they know that the product will be delivered to the agreed timescale.

“We have people contacting us wanting them for a range of uses and we are only too happy to help provide what the customer wants.

“We can provide a bespoke fit out. They offer so much versatility, the applications are endless.

“The customer might want an extra work-at-home space; an extra space for the children, or a relaxation space to get some work-life balance back into their lives if their homes feel as if they have become too much like an office or a home-school environment. It’s such a flexible space, it’s entirely up to the consumer what they want to use it for.

“YouKube provides them with that simple, one-stop shop solution, whatever their requirement.”

To find out more about YouKube visit www.youkube.co.uk or phone 01200 403060.

YouKube is an all-in-one solution with a range of diverse applications for homeowners, such as a work-from-home office, children’s playroom, gym, studio, sauna, relaxation space and other uses at a fraction of the cost of adding an extension to an existing building. To find out more about YouKube visit www.youkube.co.uk or phone 01200 403060.



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