Septiya Muhandu: The Zambian Police Officer Raising Awareness Against the Rampant Assault on the Environment


By Mwewa Enock  


Septiya Muhandu, a Zambian police officer committed to maintaining public order and safety in Zambia has also extended his commitment to raising awareness against the rampant assault on the Environment.

Currently, he is raising awareness against deforestation and unsustainable livelihoods using his innovative handiwork, the “Green Fire Blocks,” an alternative to “lump charcoal” made from the cutting and burning of trees.No description available.

Green Fire Blocks

Unlike the usual charcoal briquettes, “Green Fire Blocks” are made from agricultural waste such as grass, rice stalks, maize husks, dry leaves, saw dust, timber shavings to name just a few.

Producing the “Green Fire Blocks”does not harm the environment or deplete the tree species. Besides, it’s proven to burn much longer and also produces minimal to no smoke at all.No description available.

No description available.

Mwewa Enock displaying some Green Fire Blocks

As an advocate for trees, Septiya Muhandu in an interview with ‘Environment Savers of Zambia’ said: ” the unsustainable harvesting of trees will greatly affect humans and biodiversity, as such we need to take immediate action to save the future.” “One way of doing this is shifting to a more sustainable livelihood which solves today’s problems without costing the future.” Muhandu added.

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