Merrisa Naidoo: Young Marine Science Researcher Urging Marine Conservation in South Africa



Merrisa Naidoo (25) is an intern for WILDOCEANS South Africa which is a programme of the WILDTRUST. Her key goal is to actively contribute to marine conservation in South Africa and one of her major accomplishments to date is having been selected as WILDOCEANS’ Ocean Steward in 2016 which has served as a steppingstone in the broader scope of marine science, supporting her selection ahead of 800 applicants worldwide to participate on the training expedition, SoNoAT 2019 on board the German RV.Polarstern (PS120).


Apart from academia, Merrisa has also developed a key interest in awareness and education around her field and has recently become the spokesperson of the dynamic Youth4MPAs (Youth for Marine Protected Areas) movement, which was recently represented at the UN Climate Dialogues on the 3rd of December 2020. The Youth4MPAs have culminated into a passionate youth group that are making strides towards improving ocean protection in a way that is sustainable and equitable for both the ocean and its people. We aim to build a stronger generation of youth that are capacitated with the right tools and knowledge to become custodians and ambassadors for the ocean. As leaders of tomorrow, we will drive key paradigm shifts in policy, management, planning, and finance that conserve Africa’s biodiversity and reverse years of degradation.Del Report


Our global life support system is on the brink of collapsing and urgency has never cared about time and unfortunately for us time is not on our side. Our oceans serve as the most viable buffer against a changing climate, absorbing the effects of global warming, yet we continue to strain its resources with overharvesting,  plastic pollution, oil and gas exploration and numerous other stressors.


As a youth movement, we strongly believe that as the leaders of tomorrow, the power for change lies with us. Our legacy is to leave behind a healthier and more resilient ocean that will be ultimately inherited by future generations. To achieve this, we are constantly engaged in activities and events that lead to knowledge generation and improved awareness around our ocean. These have included, youth led webinars, campaigning, short films, poetry, letter writing to key decision makers, marches and protests and open dialogues among youth, experts, and government.

This August (19th & 20th), the Youth4MPAs in partnership with @WILDOCEANS, the Youth4MPAs will be hosting an African Youth Summit – Our Africa, Our Ocean, Our Future, set to be our biggest event yet. The summit is aimed at fostering ownership and stewardship of the global 30×30 MPA target among African Youth. This will build their capacity to speak-out and drive the 30×30 message, not only within their circles, but also at international conferences and to their local governments and communities. The summit will be unique to Africa and ensure that it is inclusive and allows for cross collaboration across sectors, both formal and traditional, so that no one is left behind.


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