Puma Launches Climate-friendly Shoebox


By Dela Ahiawor

Theme: Green Sports

Global sportswear manufacturer, Puma has launched a new shoebox design as part of its sustainability strategy in an endeavour to improve its environmental footprint.

The newly redesigned shoeboxes according to Puma, are made of more than 95% recycled cardboard. Besides, the new shoeboxes are sturdy (firm) as its forerunners and capable of saving up to 2800 tonnes of cardboard annually.

In a press release from Puma to (delreport) on September 14, Stefan Seidel, the head of Corporate Sustainability at Puma said: “If we consider that it takes about 12 trees to make a tonne of cardboard, we are saving 33,600 trees every year. That is more than the number of trees in Central Park in New York.”Del Report

Puma at the beginning of 2021, announced a partnership with “Canopy“-an environmental entity aiming to procure all of its cardboard and paper packaging from a sustainable (recycled/certified) source, to ensure tthey are not derived from the world’s most integral forests.

The sustainable shoeboxes are just one aspect of the company’s effort to green its supply chain. Furthermore, puma hopes to stop the use of plastic bags in its stores, instead they will turn to more sustainable supplies such as shoe trees and hangers by 2023.

PUMA’s latest sustainability strategy dubbed, 10FOR25 is aimed at improving the the company’s environmental footprint. This can be achieved by integrating sustainability into its core business. The

10FOR25 targets cover sustainability topics such as: Climate Action, Human Rights, Circularity, Plastics and the blue economy (ocean).


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