New Primer “Bee Scared” Inspire Kids to Help Create a Greener World




By Dela Ahiawor


Safeguarding the future of our common planetary home, the Earth demands all hands on deck, inclusive of the younger generation.

As it happens, fostering environmental/ sustainability education and awareness during the early stages of childhood, make kids more environmentally responsible.

For this reason, author Richard Faith tapped into his wellspring of environmental lore to compose “Bee Scared,” an absorbing environmental children’s book which focuses on the protection of bees. Bearing in mind, bees and other pollinators are important for the preservation of ecological balance and biodiversity in nature.

Published July 23, 2020, Bee Scared, is the latest 30 page paperback book under “The Old Doc Turtle book series” written by Richard Faith and illustrated by Todd Hobin. The main idea that flows through the narrative of the book, is the fact that, bees and other insects (pollinators) are disappearing (dying) at record rates due to habitat loss which can be attributed to the adverse impact of climate change.

I consider “Bee Scared,” a valuable icebreaker book for kids. Since it contains thought- provoking questions that can help parents, guardians and teachers open the lines of communication on the importance of conservation in the bid to preserve the habitats of all pollinators, particularly bees.

Admittedly, “Bee Scared” is well worth a read, given that it’s presented in a fun and simplified form that young readers can easily comprehend:“Your Majesty,” said the Scout Bee to the Queen of the Bees, “The Honeybees are in trouble. They are disappearing in great numbers!”

As well, the book also pose questions that deepen understanding: “What will the queen do? Who will she turn to? How will she keep her hive safe from harm? Without bees there will be no fruit, no vegetables and no flowers.”

Richard Faith is the author of the “Old Doc Turtle book series” and the science fiction series, “Megamerse book series,” which features a superhero who fights for Mother Earth. Megamerse has been turned into a screenplay and talks are ongoing with a movie studio.

Other books by Richard Faith that precede “Bee Scared” include: ” I Can Barely See” Said…. , Megamerse Eye of Africa , Mergamerse, Megamerse Cold Fusion, Barkley &Sylvia , Crocodilly Lilly: Not so Toothy A Grin and The Owl that Said What.

Richard Faith serves as the executive director of Mother Nature Festival Live Incorporated (, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to educate, inform and inspire everyone to get involved in helping Mother Nature. Gary Revel is the publisher of “Bee Scared” and founder of Mother Nature Festival Live, Inc., and a member of the Board of Directors.


—Dela Ahiawor focuses on sustainability/ climate related journalism and events across the globe—

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