CGF Anti-Doping Taskforce to spearhead clean sport approach at Birmingham 2022

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has unveiled its Anti-Doping Taskforce for Birmingham 2022 which has been put in place to promote clean sport and ensure a robust Anti-Doping programme is in place for the Games. 

The new Taskforce builds on the High Integrity Anti-Doping Partnership that was put in place for Gold Coast 2018 utilising multi-stakeholder expertise to prioritise the rights of clean athletes and ensure a zero-tolerance approach to doping.

Testing and education recommendations and resources are set to be released by the Taskforce in the coming months to all Anti-Doping Organisations (ADOs) across the Commonwealth, which will help athletes arrive at the Games educated appropriately and tested.

The Taskforce will be led by the CGF and UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), with UKAD acting as the secretariat.

It will be Co-Chaired by CGF Medical Advisor Dr Peter Harcourt and the Taskforce Manager from UKAD, Pat Hartley. The Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee will help support the Taskforce.

CGF President Dame Louise Martin said: “I am proud that we can today unveil the Anti-Doping Taskforce for Birmingham 2022.

Working with UKAD and Anti-Doping Organisations across the Commonwealth, our absolute commitment to clean sport at the Games could not be clearer.

The Taskforce will play a crucial role in protecting the rights of clean athletes and underpinning the CGF values of Humanity, Equality and Destiny.”

CGF Medical Advisor and Taskforce Co-Chair Dr Peter Harcourt said: “The Anti-Doping Taskforce will play a critical role in ensuring that Birmingham 2022 is a showcase of world class clean sport. We are thankful for the support and expertise of the Taskforce members without whom this would not be possible.

The CGF is fully committed to the pursuit of fair play and it is vital that sports fans across the Commonwealth know that what they are witnessing on the field of play is honest, legitimate sport.

Above all, we are there to support all clean athletes with a zero tolerance to doping so that they can compete fairly on the biggest stage and showcase the very best of Commonwealth Sport.”

Taskforce Manager from UKAD Pat Hartley said: “UKAD is delighted to have been asked to lead the Commonwealth Games Anti-Doping Taskforce with the CGF, working to give public confidence in clean sport. This Taskforce will be vital in protecting the integrity of clean sport and ensuring all athletes can compete on a level playing field.

We are looking forward to the build up to a home Commonwealth Games and collaborating with Anti-Doping Organisations across the Commonwealth to ensure pre-Games testing programmes are meaningful and effective.

In addition to the testing programmes, education will be a new addition and focus for the Taskforce, which will provide long-term benefits to the Commonwealth Games, beyond Birmingham 2022.”

The CGF Anti-Doping Rules for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games are approved by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and are WADA Code 2021 compliant.


  • CGF – Dr Peter Harcourt (Co-Chair), Dr Andrew Pipe, Urvasi Naidoo, Dr Aya Nakitanda, Dr Chin Sim Teoh
  • UKAD – Pat Hartley (Co-Chair and Secretariat), Danny Ashworth, David Cox
  • Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) – Michael Harkins, Steve Wyatt
  • Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) – Natasha Danschinko, Sonya Aristone
  • Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) – Hayden Tapper, Lisa Walker
  • Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya  (ADAK) – Sarah Shibutse, Martin Yauma
  • Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (CARRADO) – Patrick Weleman, Sasha Sutherland
  • South African Institute for Drug-free Sport (SAIDS) – Fahmy Galant, Elske Schabort
  • Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) – Nancy Sclavo, Raphael Roux
  • World Rugby – Clive Kennington, Ross Blake

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