New Sustainable Sport Awards to Encourage Increased Ambition on Sustainability-Sport Positive

Theme: Green Sports

By Dela Ahiawor

A New Sustainable Sport Awards has been announced by Sport Positive and BBC Sport on Earth Day 2022 to enhance the contribution of sport towards a greener future.

The inaugural awards to be staged alongside Sports Positive Summit 2022 is slated for October (4-5th) at the Wembley Stadium in London.

In a media note on Earth Day 2022-Claire Poole, CEO Sport Positive Summit said: “

“We will be celebrating individuals and organizations from across the globe who are actively contributing to a more sustainable future through their sporting profile and practises through our new sustainable sport Awards. These Awards will be a great moment to celebrate those leading the way, and encourage increased ambition on sustainability.”

Sustainable Sports/ Sustainability in Sports/ Green Sports refers to the

adoption of eco-friendly measures by sport events, leagues, teams, stadiums, venues, stakeholders, athletes and fans with the grand aim of protecting the environment and leaving positive legacies for posterity.

The inaugural edition will feature four awards:

Teamwork Award – for organisation of the year

Leadership Award – for education and engagement

Athlete of the Year

Young Athlete of the Year

Dela Ahiawor is a journalist with a passion for all things sport and sustainability

Contacts: Email:  Twitter: @DAhiawor

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