New Climate School to Help Companies Upskill Towards a Greener Future

By Dela Ahiawor (Sustainability editor)

With the world reaching a critical point in the fight against climate change: AXA Climate, a sustainable insurance firm has launched, “The Climate School” to help companies decarbonize (reduce their carbon emissions) towards tackling the climate crisis and creating sustainable economies.

Antoine Poincaré, AXA Climate School President in a press note to DEL REPORT on January 16 said: “The demand first came from our clients. With our first training offer (the Climate School), we were talking about sustainable transformation “internally” but many players, especially financial players, needed to understand the trends of sustainable transformation of their clients, i.e., of the whole economy. The task was immense, which is why we felt it was necessary to join forces with Blunomy, which has been working on various sectors of the real economy for years.”

For his part, “Inès Galichon, Partner at Blunomy said:
“Blunomy teams have now accumulated an enormous amount of expertise on the levers and roadmaps that lead to successful decarbonization across many key sectors. Transferring that knowledge is critical and contributes to our mission to massively accelerate the transition to a Greener, common future for humanity, so we are delighted to work with a true educational pioneer in this space, AXA Climate.

“This product is the first result of ongoing and deep collaboration between two companies that share the same goal: we hope it will be useful to professionals in multiple sectors, and we look forward to continuously developing and extending it together.”

The curriculum has been specifically curated to help professional services companies understand the carbon footprint of the major industries they work with, and more importantly the actionable decarbonization levers.

Candidates for taking Net Zero School include regulators, financial institutions, insurance companies and management consultancies, and other services providers.

Teams completing Net Zero School will:

Fully understand what’s at stake and why the sector their clients work in needs to decarbonize (including climate risks)

Appreciate how the different economic sector can transition (technology, business models),

Get examples on transition strategies corporate market players could adopt to build resilient, but fully sustainable, business models.

With interactive courses, The Net Zero School mixes theoretical concepts with concrete examples of decarbonization issues of the studied sector. It details the opportunities of the transition, the current obstacles, and takes examples of companies that are front runners or those that are lagging. Finally, the Net Zero examines the good practices but also the areas where it will be more difficult to decarbonize. The objective of this training is to give companies the right tools to better understand the transition of each sector to help their entire value chain to decarbonize.

The Net Zero School has been created by multiple experts from AXA Climate, the Climate School, and specialist global sustainability company, Blunomy

The Climate School is AXA Climate’s e-learning arm—set up to help major multinationals understand climate issues and enable their employees to advance the overall sustainable transition of their organizations. The school boasts over 50 clients and over 4 million users.

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