The hallowed turf of soccer green

There to realise the AFCON dream,

Where passion ignites and heroes arise,
Two forces converge, in a dance of might,
The Black Stars and Pharaohs, a glorious sight.

From the land of gold, where legends are born,
The Black Stars emerge, their spirit adorned,
With grace and power, they take to the field,
Their hearts ablaze, their destiny sealed.

Their strides are swift, like thunder they move,
With unity and purpose, their souls imbued,
Their jerseys gleaming, a symbol of might,
They fight for glory, under the African light.

And from the ancient land, where history lies,
The Pharaohs march forth, with fire in their eyes,
Their legacy etched in the sands of time,
They seek victory, their spirits aligned.

With skill and precision, they weave their spell,
Their passes like whispers, their movements compel,
Their determination, unyielding and true,
They honor the Nile, as they battle anew.

Today’s encounter, a clash of the great,
A symphony of talent, a tale to create,
The Black Stars and Pharaohs, their destinies meet,
In this sacred arena, where heroes compete.

The crowd roars with fervour, their voices unite,
As the Black Stars and Pharaohs ignite,
A battle of wills, a dance of desire,
In this sacred moment, the world shall admire.

For in this encounter, where legends are made,
The Black Stars and Pharaohs, their spirits displayed,
They embody the spirit of Africa’s might,
A testament to passion, in the realm of the fight.

So let the drums thunder, let the trumpets sound,
As the Black Stars and Pharaohs astound,
An epic encounter, a tale to be told,
Of warriors, heroes, and legends of old.
In the end, victory will go to the land of gold!


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