Lufthansa Aviation Training Relies on LabCampus

Innovative power meets entrepreneurial spirit: Work on the future of digitalization, new mobility and robotics is being carried out at LabCampus, with great potential for collaborative exchange and learning.
Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH (LAT) is another tenant from the training and further education sector to choose LabCampus and expand the innovation center at Munich Airport with its new company headquarters.

Munich – LabCampus focuses on networking, exchange and space for collaboration. Here at Munich Airport, innovation-driven companies from different sectors aim to develop great ideas together, inspire each other and, above all, drive the future of their industry forward. After Deutsche Flugsicherung, AirportAcademy, amplimind and Exotec, a further company has now recognized the potential – and chosen LabCampus as its location: Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH (LAT). Every year at LAT, pilots and crew members learn the work processes on board an aircraft using high-tech tools such as simulation training. LAT’s corporate headquarters are now located at LabCampus. In the new premises directly at Munich Airport, around 130 employees will work towards LAT’s goals with around 1,000 square meters of space, including management, human resources, con-trolling and marketing.

Innovative strength of LabCampus as an opportunity

LAT is expected to move from its location in the Flight Operations Center (FOC) on Südallee to LabCampus in the summer of 2025. In this way, LAT intends to further expand its role as the leading provider of flight training in Europe. After all, Lufthansa itself as well as other airlines in the Group and 200 internationally renowned airlines have relied on LAT’s expertise in training and further education for many years. In the modern office space at LAB 48, employees will find a mix of open-plan work areas and flexible and creative spaces, as well as meeting rooms and think tanks. Two pri-vate, exclusive terraces are also part of the rental agreement. 

The LAT team is excited about the opportunities offered by LabCampus. “As Lufthansa Aviation Training, we are delighted to be in such a modern and attractive location at LabCampus on the airport grounds. We are excited about the pooled development potential and the spirit of this place. The new premises are an important milestone, especially for retaining our employees,” explains Matthias Spohr, Managing Director of LAT. 

“We are delighted not only to have gained another strong partner for LabCampus in Lufthansa Aviation Training but also to be able to further expand our long-standing partnership with the Lufthansa Group. The fact that Lufthansa Aviation Training is relying on our location as an innovation hub shows that we are on the right track with LabCampus. We offer com-panies from the worlds of science and business modern workplaces as well as a place for cross-company collaboration. We are excited to see what visionary projects and ideas will emerge here,” says Nathalie Leroy, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Infrastructure Officer at Munich Airport

LabCampus celebrates its first anniversary with the AirportAcademy

A year has passed since Munich Airport’s training and education center moved into LAB 52: At the beginning of May, the AirportAcademy celebrat-ed its anniversary at LabCampus. The arrival of LAT brings together two internationally successful aviation companies, both of which are pioneers in the training and further education of employees on the ground and in the air. The numerous networking opportunities at LabCampus offer the perfect ecosystem to promote exchange and create joint synergies.

Space potential for up to 29 buildings at Munich Airport

In addition to the existing tenants at LabCampus, another important player from the technology sector is also waiting in the wings: the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is planning to set up a research location for students at LabCampus. The Innovation Campus is popular: only 5,000 square meters of space is still available for companies in the first two buildings, LAB 48 and the LAB 52 AirportAcademy. Thanks to the enormous space potential for up to 29 buildings, LabCampus can continue to grow economically and spatially in the future.

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