Capacity Building For SMEs Using E-marketing

A training workshop to build the capacity of small-scale and medium enterprises (SMEs) in ‘e-Marketing’ to become more competitive and expand their operations, has been held in Kumasi.

It was jointly organized by the Finance Ministry, the Association for Small-Scale Industries (ASSI) and the National Board for Small-Scale Industries (NBSSI).

The SMEs were taught how to employ digital technology to change their way of doing business.

Mr. Kwame Buor, Ashanti Regional Chairman of ASSI, indicated that the business environment had become knowledge-based and Ghanaian enterprises could not continue to live in the past – do things the old way and expect to thrive.

He said such was the power of e-Marketing that it had become increasingly possible for foreign companies to research and carry out a survey of the local market, to produce goods that met consumer preferences and taste.

‘There are real threats that should neither be underestimated nor ignored by local businesses’, he added.

Mr. Buor said the workshop was a response to the intense competition and challenges facing SMEs as they sought to increase their market penetration and share.

‘We are eager to empower our members to use the internet – information, communication and technology (ICT) to get new customers, sell their products and transact other businesses to boost profitability.’

Mr. Karim Osman, an official of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI), said e-marketing provided an even platform for local industries to compete favorably with their foreign counterparts – sell their products.

He advised the SMEs to be innovative in order to survive the growing competition on the global market.


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