Manchester City continues to show climate leadership in sport

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Manchester City football club has announced it is joining the Show the Lovecampaign, designed to raise awareness of environmental issues in local communities.

The campaign, led by The Climate Coalition, seeks to encourage support for the environment and how climate change is impacting everyday lives.

The club’s support for the initiative builds on its strong leadership in trying to make sport more sustainable. It has been instrumental in advancing climate-friendly practices within the club culture and at its newly developed City Training Academy.

The £200 million facility was recently highlighted as an example of good practice in The Climate Coalition’s report into how climate change is impacting UK sport.

The academy covers 80 acres of land which had previously suffered under years of pollution from heavy industry. The club’s efforts to regenerate the area has led to the academy achieving a gold LEED certificate for environmental performance.

Among the many environmental initiatives now built into the site include a sustainable water source which has reduced its water usage by 83 percent. Recycling and reuse also means that zero waste is sent to landfill.

In addition, the former industrial site has now been transformed to accommodate wildlife with 2000 new trees planted and miles of hedgerow designed to help nesting birds.

Pete Bradshaw, the club’s director of infrastructure and estates commented: “At Manchester City we have worked hard to ensure sustainable development through a series of initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, energy and the creation of green spaces within which wildlife can flourish”.

The club also announced last year it had signed a deal with power company Eaton to develop energy storage options throughout its main stadium and football academy.

Dominic Goggins at The Climate Coalition praised the club’s environmental commitments: “I have worked on climate change issues all over the world and the work that Manchester City are doing at the City Football Academy has transformed East Manchester. The fact that the development has bought new life and biodiversity to the community – is hugely impressive. I hope City’s work can inspire fans and other clubs to take these issues seriously”.

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