Kick Boxing: Pro Fighting Factory Defenders launched in Accra


By Sammy Heywood Okine

Ghanaian fighters who would be flying and defending the flag of Ghana at the first ever international  Muay Thai Kick Boxing promotion at the Bukom Boxing Arena on March 9 have been introduced at a press conference in Accra.

President of the Ghana Kick Boxing Association, Nii Adote Dzata 1 said the event will host international bouts and is intended to be a major stepping stone in our passionate quest to promote and boast Muay Thai kickboxing and other martial arts in Ghana. He hinted that event will feature other entertainers like KoJo &Shaker, Joey-B and Nii Funny.

He requested Corporate Ghana to support this event as it is not too late. “Support from organisations is very important and critical in helping us make the tournament a great success” he expressed.

“Sport in general has the potential to create jobs, contribute to GDP, enhance tourism, foster national cohesion, strengthen international ties and boost Ghana’s global image” he said.Del Report

He added that Muay Thai kickboxing is a rapidly growing sport globally and Ghana has produced several world champions and title holders, like Swiss based Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai, the President of Pro Fighting Factory, Alhassan Okine in UAE, Isaka Issa in Australia, Gerald Dah also in UAE and recently Jonathan Euro who won the world title in Hong Kong, he is based in Ghana.

“With all these achievements, the sport remains heavily under-supported in Ghana, with limited public funding, corporate sponsorship and investment” he stressed.

PFF was founded 12 years ago by legendary kickboxer and martial artist, Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai who hails from La in Accra. Lawrence competes and coaches across Africa, Europe and Asia. A world champion himself, he founded PFF to spawn a generation of fighters to fly the flag of Ghana high in the international martial arts arena. Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai has been appointed Ghana representative of WBC Mauy Thai who have given full blessing to our event. Also the Ghana Kick Boxing Association has sanctioned the promotion and we hope and pray that the media will support us to promote the event which comes off on March 9, 2019.

The tournament will bring to the public an explosive introduction to the talent within the PFF collective and the nation as a whole.  Muay Thai kickboxing will become a force to reckon with in Ghana’s martial arts and sporting space as well as a strong avenue to achieving international glory.

Muay Thai has been practiced over 2,000 years, and now has provisional Olympic status and would be featuring in the next Olympic Games. For Ghana and Pro Fighting Factory, they are ready because we are already producing the fighters and champions.

The tournament will host male and female fighters from the Philippines, Thailand, India, Switzerland, Italy and Nigeria.  Pro Fighting Factory Titles will be up for grabs. Ghana’s squad is represented by Jonathan Euro, Francis Dodoo, Stephen Bruce, Isaac Commey, Isaac Aikins, Stephen Abbey and Samuel Plange

In the female battles, Gladys Dede Anang (Ghana) will fight Eranda Ireni (Switzerland). Dolphina Walter Tony (Malaysia) and Natacha De Almeida (Switzerland / Ghana) will also thrill fans.

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