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By El-Amisty Nobo

Leading Mobile Financial Services operator in Ghana, MTN Mobile Money Limited has launched its 10th anniversary to celebrate the huge success it has chalked over the past decade in driving financial inclusion especially amongst the unbanked population in Ghana.

Recounting the MTN Mobile Money at the launch held at the Madina Market in Accra on Thursday, June 06, the General Manager for MTN Mobile Financial Services of MTN [Eli Hini] shared some statistics on the performance of MoMo:Del Report

“With less than 100,000 subscribers after 6months of launch, our current registered subscriber numbers have reached the 14million over the 10 year period. We started with 9 partner banks and now working closely with 18 partner banks and counting. Our agents are approximately 124, 000. 

“By the end of quarter one of 2019 we recorded 411million transactions on the MoMo platform, which is an indication that people have now become more conversant with using MoMo to undertake various transactions.”

The MTN MoMo @10 anniversary is being celebrated under the theme “MoMo@10 Making Life Simple”.

A number of activities have been lined up for the celebrations including a consumer promotion which will give away 10 cars from June to August 2019.

Other activities are a float through the principal streets in the regional capitals across the country to deepen awareness of the benefits of the MoMo service and also educate people on how to protect their wallets from fraudsters.

There will be social investment projects targeted at economically empowering persons with disabilities across the country as well as the construction of a Forensics Lab for the Ghana Police Service, Stakeholder Fora to discuss teething issues in the Mobile Financial Sector as well as awards for MTN MoMo merchants.

Mr. Hini noted that the MTN Mobile Money has seen this massive growth as a result of making the platform an enabler of a diverse range of business engagements.

MTN Mobile Money enables customers to undertake financial transactions with their banks, pay for pensions, purchase treasury bills, savings, and pay for insurance subscriptions. He said, beyond these services are the numerous payment platforms created for our merchants from various organizations to receive payments for their goods and services.

“Through MoMo, we are digitizing the Agric Value Chain, scaling female participation in MoMo Merchants and driving in-flows of foreign currency through the MoMo remittance service”, he added.

The 10th anniversary celebrations will be used as a period to deepen financial inclusion through constant awareness creation of the benefits using the mobile phone as a convenient tool for financial transactions.

MTN Mobile Money was launched in July 2009 to provide ease of undertaking financial transaction on the phone currently provides employment for 129000 people across the country.

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