This is the first time this model is purchased and will be used in the mining sector

Transportes Línea, one of Peru’s largest and most important transport operators, has just bought 10 new Volare Attack 8 minibuses with 4X4 traction. This is the first purchase made by the Peruvian customer and the vehicles will be used to transport mining workers from their lodgings to the exploration tunnels.

According to Rodrigo Bisi, Volare’s export manager, the acquisition is the result of a long and extensive relationship and research work to develop vehicles according to Transporte Línea’s needs and applications. “It took several months and various meetings until we got to the configuration that would best meet the customer needs. The choice was also based on high standards of quality, safety, comfort and delivery time” he says.

“These are the first Volare Attack 8 4X4 vehicles to operate in the mining sector of Peru, which opens up new prospects for growth in that country as there is a demand for a robust vehicle that can travel in unpaved locations for other companies in mining, the most representative sector in the Peruvian economy, ”explains Rodrigo Bisi.

The Volare Attack 8 4X4 developed for Transportes Línea features ABS brakes and EBD system. They offer reclining seats with three-point seat belts, heated air conditioning system, lighting and special external indicators for the safety of their passengers.Uma imagem contendo ao ar livre, céu, vermelho, estrada

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Suitable for traveling on hard to reach places and secondary roads, the Attack 8 4X4 offers comfort, speed and above all safe transportation. The model has different technical characteristics and has a powertrain set with front-wheel drive and transmission system for the options 4X2 (rear wheel drive only), 4X4 (front and rear wheel drive) and reduced 4X4.Uma imagem contendo estrada, céu, ao ar livre, caminhão

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The model developed for Transportes Línea has larger entry and exit angles, rear tailgate spare tire, special protection for the engine crankcase and fuel tank, and is equipped with a 152 hp Cummins ISF 3.8 engine. It also has higher side skirt body, reinforced suspension, special signaling lights and mirrors that allow full view around the vehicle, which provides greater ease and safety in maneuvers.

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