059: MTN Ghana launches fourth network code




By El-Amisty Nobo


Market leader in the increasingly competitive mobile telecommunications industry in Ghana, MTN has added a new network code [059] to its existing codes.


The new code 059 allotted by the industry regulator – National Communication Authority comes to add up to the three existing codes; [024], [054], and the [055] network codes.


According to the telecommunications giants, the introduction of the new number block [059] will enable MTN Ghana to reach its customers with its fastest data services on the 4G+ and 4G networks, as well as enjoy a vast array of voice, digital, and mobile financial services it is offering.


The company therefore urges the general public to take note of the introduction of the new 059 number block on the MTN Ghana Network platform.


To make calls or send SMS, customers are required to add relevant prefix to the number being dialed. For example, 059 and the customers unique number [0591000000].


For international calls, customers will have to dial the country code, the relevant prefix and customer’s unique number. Example, +233 59 1000000.


Since its entry into Ghana in 2006, MTN has continuously invested in expanding and modernizing its network in order to offer superior services to a broad expanse of the nation.


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