NBA Star Jeremy Lin Launches #BeTheLight Campaign to Provide Meals for 20,000 people in San Francisco

 Former NBA point guard Jeremy Lin announces a partnership with Mobilize Love, to provide free hot meals to the communities most impacted by the Coronavirus. Mobilize Love is San Francisco’s first non-profit food truck, which has already donated over 2,000 free meals since the COVID-19 started.

Jeremy was integral to the purchase and launch of the Mobilize Love food truck in October 2018. Mobilize Love is uniquely positioned to respond during this time because their whole innovative model is being mobile. When Shelter-in-Place was implemented across California, that meant some families didn’t have access to groceries and meals.

Since March 16th, Mobilize Love, in partnership with CityTeam San Francisco, has been responding by providing free meals across the city. Through their collaborative partnership, they have served over 2,000 free hot meals!

Jeremy will be matching all public donations to Mobilize Love, up to $20,000. Additionally, local churches and donors will provide an additional match up to $20,000. If the fundraiser goal is met, Mobilize Love will be able to serve up to 20,000 people across the Bay Area with free meals, over the next 20 weeks.

This initiative is part of Jeremy #BeTheLight campaign, which pledges to donate up to $1 million dollars to organizations who are on the frontlines of fighting the Coronavirus.

“Truth is, we have it in us to be the light, because there are already millions choosing to be the light every day,” Jeremy Lin shared. “No one knows how devastating the impact of this crisis will be, but the projections aren’t good. We’re going to be recovering from this for a long time. But in the process, there will be so, so many opportunities to choose light.”

“Mobilize Love exists to show up and give hope. We do this by providing mobile human services. So when COVID-19 happened, we decided to go into the frontlines of San Francisco so that families and children don’t go hungry, ” Mobilize Love co-founders Christian and Cori Huang said. “We are thankful to Jeremy Lin and his Foundation for ensuring that we can continue to distribute free meals every day. Because of their commitment, thousands of families will be taken care of during this pandemic.”

Here’s how people can support the #BeTheLight campaign:

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