Zuhura Ahmad From Tanzania: Young Science Teacher Raising Awareness for a Sustainable Future



My name is Zuhura Ahmad, a young scientist teacher basing on chemistry and biology. Since 2019 I have been an active volunteer for Tanzania Youth Biodiversity Network & EarthDay.Org Tanzania chapter that are actively in biodiversity conservation plus em powering youth to lead the shift that will enable society to live in harmony with nature and to demonstrate support for environmental protection respectively. With the team I have managed to raise awareness to students and youth from schools and university and our action inspire and encourage them to volunteer for the cleaner and greener environment.

In 2021 I participated in an essay competition organized by African Youth Initiative on Climate Change. By participating in this competition I was able to be 1 time National Winner and representing Tanzania.May be an image of 2 people, child, people sitting, people standing and outdoors


From a very young age at high school level, I had a strong passion for environmental works. That was when I started to volunteer under United Nation School Club. I continue to gain relevant  experience at environmental projects and through wide ranging involvement with youth environmental organizations especially Tanzania Youth Biodiversity Network.May be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoors

I remember one Saturday was clean up at Msasani Beach Dar es salaam and I had a test on Monday at Morogoro but I had to participate in the clean up and back to Morogoro for the test and studies without fail. So, that is how I have been driven by my passion. I feel there is no barrier working for the sake of sustainable future while working for teaching career since environment is where we all meet and running our carriers.Del Report


Lack of awareness and information about environmental friendly and resilience for Planet Earth. Mismanagement of waste whether along the road which result into death of eruption of diseases like cholera. Plastic pollution along the beaches that bring  effects to marine organism and the lack of inclusion of women in recycling activities that will combat waste pollution.May be an image of 2 people, people standing, animal and outdoors


I plan and distribute tasks, having a volunteering team has been essential to raise awareness and spreading information to the students especially students at Mazimbu A and B primary school. Having an information on how and why to conserve their living environment enable them to be a good Ambassador to act for climate change.

On ground clean up action with a message that “the way you manage waste at campus it tells us a lot about your offcampus life” This help to remind youth about waste management at campus and off campus.

Building capacity of women by giving them skills on how to manage waste and recycling in their community help to create a society free from waste pollution.

I have created some art which spread information about living sustainable life. I currently work with a team of women on recycling foundation aim to empower women through environmental recycling activities, thriving communities in which all fully participate and develop freely waste society.

I always believe that Environmental education should be a call to duty and action to combat climate change.

Generally seeing myself and community celebrating sustainable life imparts the value of stewardship.


Lastly let me leave you with this message;

“Think locally and act globally. When you start it is common to be discouraged when you analyse a global environmental problem. It seems impossible. But there is the reality, you are part of the community that knows you, contains you and believe in you. You know your country, you love it and you know it is important for your life. So start by thinking about small actions in your community, in your neighbourhood, in your family or in your school since little actions do matter and goes along way.”

Contact her via: Email: shawejizuhura2@gmail.com Facebook: Zuhura Ahmadd Twitter: @ZuhuraAhmadd Instagram: @zuhura_ahmadd

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