Environmental Poem: This Beautiful Place Called Earth




I’m from a place of dirt, soil, rocks and sand

Caressed by rain, rivers, lakes and oceans

Home to grass, trees, plants and flowers

Celebrated by bees, birds, and butterflies.

The only liveable and habitable planet in the solar system

Home to sunrises and sunsets,

Celebrated by sunlight and star signs.

I’m from a place of galleries, libraries, and museums

Places where faith in humanity is restored.

Home to paintings, bookshelves and book worms,

Celebrated by artists, historians and pen-pals.

I’m from this place we call planet Earth.

A floating blue ball in the great cosmos,

Home to everything we’ve ever known.

Really, the only home we’ve ever known.

For all the importance in the cosmos we believe we hold,

We’d have nothing at all, if not for planet Earth.

Let’s protect the planet for generations to come.


Written by: Titus N. Tulay

Source: Liberian Youth for Climate Actions-LYCA

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