Sustainable Golf: The Ladies European Tour’s New Aramco Series Proving to be More than just Golf



By Dela Ahiawor (Climate Journalist)


Theme: Green Sports

The Ladies European Tour’s (LET) new Aramco Team Series is proving to be more than just golf by embracing sustainable best practices to ensure net-zero emissions on and off the golf green.

To this end, the Ladies European Tour (LET) has embarked on recycling plastic waste accrued from its tournaments and converts them into sustainable clothing. Truly, LET ‘s current sustainability goals indicate that, it’s not only keen on developing women’s golf and inspiring its next generation of players. Equally important, is it’s aspirations toward net- zero emissions from its events. And also how to eliminate any carbon emissions generated by hosting the four mega-LET weekends in four different cities: Sotogrande in Spain, London , New York and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.No description available.

In a bid to achieve net-zero emissions, the Ladies European Tour’s new Aramco Team Series has entered into a partnership with London based REBORN, a sustainable fashion company.

REBORN is in the business of manufacturing garments: T-shirts, polo-shirts, jackets, trousers and hats by collecting and recycling waste plastics.

By working with Aramco Team Series, REBORN’s head honcho, Zak Johnson seeks to: “work towards a world where the clothes you love to wear protect the world you love.”

In a press release from Aramco Team Series to ( delreport) on August 6, Johnson said : “The way we are going just now, the planet and our situation is not going to be great in as little as 10-15 years. Taking steps like this to recycle plastics wherever and however we can is vitally important to what will come next for us, and I feel with REBORN we’re very much taking on an industry – that of clothing, from merchandise to corporate clothing and staff outfits.”

“To have the Aramco Team Series see that and look to mitigate that and many other routes to damaging the environment is great to see, so it’s our pleasure to be working with them on this exciting new era in women’s golf.”

Ahmed Al-Subaey, Vice-President of Marketing, Sales and Supply Planning at Aramco, said: “We have been impressed by what REBORN has been doing over the last few years. It is very much in sync with our own programs, which aim to reduce waste, reuse materials and identify new and more efficient ways to manage resources. Along with reducing emissions and advancing low-carbon energy solutions, we believe this approach is essential for a more sustainable future. Our partnership with REBORN, for the Aramco Team Series, is yet another example of this.”

The Ladies European Tour (LET), is a series of professional golf tourmment for elite female golfers across the globe, and the Aramco Team Series a professional golf tournament on the Ladies European Tour.


—Dela Ahiawor focuses on sustainability/climate-related journalism and events across the globe—

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